Chapter 32 - Phases of Implementation - Unleashing Epochal Waves of Transformation


The attainment of Liberty, Justice and Shalom for All is not just an idyllic vision but a feasible blueprint for a New epoch in human history. The Divine Vision is not meant to remain merely a spiritual beacon - it is meant to be lived into and embodied, right here on Earth. Inherent in this pursuit is a deeply calibrated strategy—staggered across iterative phases—that attends to the multi-dimensionality of human experience and the systemic nature of societal structures. Each phase represents an epochal wave of transformation, strategically designed to catalyze both the internal and external shifts necessary for the realization of the New Vision and Plan. This chapter elucidates these distinct phases, serving as an operational guide for the relentless march towards a Free, Just, and Progressively Enlightening world.

The amazing thing about the Divine Vision is that end result is not merely bringing Heaven to Earth, but ushering in a New Era where we come to understand that the world is already Perfect in its Potential, and that it can continue to Get A Little Better Every Day as we labor together in Co-Creative partnership with One Another and the Divine to cause it to be so.

The phased roll out is astonishingly simple - it merely requires that humanity awakens, arises, and voluntarily unites - one individual and locality at a time - until All things are Helping One Another rise towards The Goal of flourishing, abundant, and rightly related Life.

Phase 1: The Genesis Phase - Timeless - 2023

During this seminal period, an intensive groundwork was laid, spanning the spiritual, intellectual, legal, governance, and infrastructural realms. Foundational literature was composed, a compendium of vital knowledge curated, core systems and methodologies developed, and backbone technology designed and built. This foundational work serves as the structural scaffolding for transformative action in Future Phases. The linchpin is the articulation of a Grand Narrative, Vision, Strategy, and Plan that not only informs but deeply inspires and orients humanity for a generational Quest towards The Goal. It functions as a compass, a roadmap, and a Way to Progress, signaling the crucial milestones that lie ahead, and the pointing the pragmatic steps towards their achievement.

  1. Spiritual and Ontological Research and Development: Identify the spiritual, philosophical, and ethical precepts that will guide the mission.

  2. Literature Creation: Establish a corpus of foundational texts that define, elucidate, and legitimize the overarching framework.

  3. Technology Blueprint and Minimum Viable Product: Development of secure, decentralized platforms to facilitate communication, data storage, education, and community mobilization.

  4. Legal and Governance Framework: Work with a team of legal and governance experts to explore the relevant laws, treaties, and rights that will be engaged, and instantiate the Provisional Structure.

  5. Metrics of Success: Defining qualitative and quantitative metrics that will measure the mission's efficacy over time.

Phase 2: The Initiation and Nucleation Phase - 2024

As the Genesis Phase nears completion, the Mission is formally launched as a select group of individuals align with the Lionsberg Vision, Strategy, and Plan, and make a solemn commitment to embark together on the Quest. Originating from this core, autonomous cells of resonant, enlightened, and highly committed individuals form the initial action nodes, coalescing into a "Team of Teams." This collective becomes the initial Center of Gravity, positioning the Meta Project in the collective consciousness. A voluntary tithe of Time, Energy, and Attention secures the foundational energy and resources, setting the stage for The Movement's expansion even before capital investments are secured, and ensuring it can continue making essential progress regardless of capital commitments or gaps.

This phase prioritizes practical application and agile, iterative learning. Early Teams undertake the responsibility of rigorously testing the Lionsberg System across diverse contexts—ranging from intimate communities to specialized operational domains. These real-world experiments yield proof-of-concept models and engender Stories of Transformation, serving both to validate and refine the Lionsberg approach.

Simultaneously, the Lionsberg System-Wide Master Planning Process is formalized, defining an exhaustive Work Breakdown Structure and giving rise to the Network of Commitments. This network is advanced and sustained by a series of Quarterly Quests that systematically consume the activities on the Critical Path. The Elevation Initiative Program is designed, piloted, and iteratively enhanced with a focus on the first 90 day orientation module, bringing the Project Based Learning System and the Lionsberg Academy into initial testing. This phase also sees the implementation of various rituals, thresholds, commitments, and ceremonies designed to instill a sense of sacred responsibility and foster mutual commitment.

  1. Core Team and Advisory Council Formation: Rigorous selection and initiation protocols are enacted to identify and onboard a cohesive Core Team and Advisory Council. Alignment with the Mission's foundational principles is a non-negotiable criterion.

  2. Resource Aggregation and Funding Model: A diversified funding ecosystem is architected, amalgamating elements from traditional philanthropy, grants, crowd-sourced capital, and social impact investments. Lionsberg's Core Enterprise is dual-channel funded: Direct Funding via the organization's primary non-profit arm, and a designated share—typically one-tenth—of the resources allocated to pilot projects.

  3. Knowledge Transfer: Each member of the Team of Teams undergoes a systematic deep dive into the foundational literature, strategies, and plans. This immersive learning experience is designed to ensure that all team members internalize the mission-critical principles that guide the Lionsberg approach, and gain a personal understanding of the Vision, Strategy, and Plan, as well as the Systems, Processes, and Practices required for effective implementation.

  4. Pilot Projects: Several strategically devised small-scale projects are launched in various domains, serving as practical laboratories to validate and fine-tune the Lionsberg System. The outcomes are documented as Stories of Transformation, furnishing both validation and educational groundwork for subsequent phases.

  5. Pilot Funds: Specialized funds are established for one to three pillars among The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg. These funds act as magnets, attracting Capital, Partners, Advisors, and Teams to drive the Pilot Projects to fruition.

  6. Master Planning: The Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure is activated and continually optimized through granular planning and periodic reviews. This dynamic framework informs and coordinates the activities across the decentralized network of Quarterly Quests.

  7. Elevation Initiative: The initial 90-day module of this transformative program is piloted among the early adopters. Metrics and feedback mechanisms are tightly integrated, driving continuous improvement and readying the program for more extensive future deployments as The Movement scales.

Phase 3: The Field of Attraction Phase - 2024 - Ongoing

Commencing in late 2023 or early 2024 and persisting indefinitely, this phase amplifies the magnetic potency of the emerging Center of Gravity. It aims to orchestrate a broad Field of Attraction that not only shifts public consciousness but also magnetizes aligned entities and resources into an expanding sphere of influence. This phase operates in symbiosis with subsequent stages, bolstering their efficacy and reach by providing an incessant stream of support, intellectual capital, and active participants.

Core Components of the Field of Attraction:

  1. The Messengers

    • Thought Leaders: Establish a growing council of Citizens, academics, industry pioneers, and ethical leaders who can provide credibility and depth to the mission.
    • Media and Communication Training: Train these messengers in effective communication strategies to ensure the message is potent and reaches the intended audiences.
  2. The Messages

    • Narrative Coherence: Develop a unified storytelling framework that weaves together the mission, vision, and values in a manner that resonates spiritually and emotionally.
    • Memetic Engineering: Utilize principles of psychology and social science to create messages that are not just heard but spread virally, progressively shifting and enlightening consciousness.
  3. Stories of Transformation

    • Case Study Repository: Create a centralized, searchable database of transformation stories that can be easily accessed and shared.
    • Impact Metrics: Develop a set of quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure the success and impact of each transformation story.
  4. Broadcast Systems and Processes

    • Audience Segmentation: Develop a sophisticated audience segmentation strategy, likely including both an array of categories and "avatars" / "archetypes", and begin prioritizing and adapting communications by segment.
    • Multi-Channel Engagement: Utilize a range of platforms (Podcasts, Speaking, Social Media, Traditional Media, Workshops, Conferences, Summits, Local Chapters, documentary series, tv series, etc.) ensuring that the message reaches diverse audience segments with accessible linguistic, narrative, and metaphorical structure.
    • Automated Feedback Mechanisms: Implement machine learning algorithms to assess the effectiveness of various communication channels and automatically adapt strategies accordingly.
  5. Invitation, Response, and Integration

    • Community Onboarding Portal: Develop an interactive portal for newcomers, guiding them through initial stages of engagement and offering pathways for deeper involvement.
    • Decentralized Leadership Models: Empower local and regional chapters with Domains of Responsibility and Authority, decentralizing leadership and enabling rapid response to emerging opportunities or challenges.

Key Operational Constructs:

  1. Media Team

    • Real-time Analytics: Employ real-time analytics to gauge the effectiveness of media and publicity strategies, allowing for agile adjustments.
    • Strategic Alliances: Form alliances with existing media organizations for co-branded events, interviews, and campaigns to expand reach.
  2. Public-Private Partnerships

    • Engagement: Engage with both government bodies and corporations that align with the mission to expand reach and credibility, while securing resources for meaningful pilot projects.
    • Cross-Sector Synergy: Cultivate relationships across different public and private sectors to create a network effect, enriching the project with diversified expertise and resource pools.
    • Transparency Reports: Publish regular updates on the outcomes and benefits of these partnerships, ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity.
  3. Volunteer Network

    • The Tithe: Train and empower enthusiastic individuals who can become co-creators and ambassadors of the mission, on the basis of the tithe of 1/10th of Time, Energy, and Attention.
    • Gamification: Introduce gamification elements to engage, align and incentivize volunteers.
    • Local Autonomy: Create a framework that empowers local volunteer chapters to adapt the mission to the specific needs and culture of their communities, within the broader structure and interoperability of the movement.
  4. Lifelong Learning via the Elevation Initiative

    • Online courses, workshops, and literature for continuous community education and involvement provides an immediately actionable and valuable first step for any Citizen attracted to The Movement, while helping them identify groups and initiatives to get involved in.
    • Dynamic Curriculum: Continuously update the curriculum based on the latest research, incorporation of new bodies of work, timeless wisdom, and community feedback.
    • Skill Pathways: Develop distinct learning pathways aligned with the multiple Pillars of Lionsberg, allowing participants to specialize based on their interests and skills.

Phase 4: The Pilot Phase - 2024 - 2028

Emerging out of the efforts of the nucleation phase, in parallel and close succession, this phase focuses on scaling the nascent nodes into demonstrable pilot projects that span various community, organizational, and institutional settings. In adherence to the principle of subsidiarity, this phase focuses on the customization of the Lionsberg System and Approach to the unique needs, resources, and challenges of individual localities and domains. Pilots are likely to specific on specific Action Domains, such as Education, Wellbeing, and Regenerative Agriculture, as well as specific Integration Domains, such as specific communities or bioregions. These pilots serve as real-world crucibles and living labs for refining the Lionsberg System and Approach. The selection of communities and domains for this phase is crucial, as they serve as the inaugural test beds and demonstrate the viability of the strategy. Data and experiences from the pilot communities flow back into the Prototype, enhancing its robustness and adaptability.

Moreover, each pilot becomes a Story of Transformation, and each Story of Transformation becomes a harbinger and prophesy, foreshadowing greater possibilities in the Future as The Movement grows. Stories of Transformation are fed into the Broadcast System, strengthening and expanding the Field of Attraction.

The Pilot Phase flows into and overlaps with the Amplification Phase, as it is anticipated that certain early domains, such as Education, Wellness, and Regenerative Agriculture, will enter the Amplification Phase as other later domains are still being coalesced and piloted.

In this stage, the Elevation Initiative Program is fully deployed, ensuring that every participant has a pathway towards lifelong healing, learning, and development, and offering an actionable gateway for widespread participation in the Co-Creation of the New Era.

  1. Domain-Specific Strategies and Advisory Councils: Tailor strategies to the unique needs and challenges of different communities and sectors via domain-specific Advisory Councils.

  2. Domain Specific Funds: Aggregate resources and apply to the most transformative projects in each domain, stacked up and aligned via the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System.

  3. Citizen Assemblies: Begin connecting and enabling Citizen Assemblies to form and cross-pollinate, advancing towards local Constitutions, Strategies, Plans and prioritized Programs of Action to meet needs, solve problems and accomplish shared Goals and Values.

  4. Data Analytics: A dedicated team for collecting, analyzing, formalizing, and publishing data related to the pilot projects.

  5. Feedback Loops: Internal and external feedback mechanisms for ongoing iterative development.

  6. Stories of Transformation: A dedicated team for collecting, packaging, and publishing Stories of Transformation from across The Movement.

  7. Elevation Initiative Expansion: Formal deployment at larger scale, expanding and adjusting the modules according to the feedback and data obtained, and ensuring that every Citizen, Organization, and Community engaged in the Amplification Phase has a clear pathway to lifelong learning, healing, development, and positive participation in Society, regardless of their background or experience.

Phase 5: The Amplification Phase - 2026 - 2030

At this juncture, the learnings and successes from the growing wave of pilots are analyzed, documented, and packaged into Stories of Transformation and further improvements of the Lionsberg Prototype. These stories are then strategically disseminated through multiple channels—social media, academic publications, grassroots community events, podcasts, radio and tv shows, legacy media, global conferences—to reach wider audiences and further strengthen and expand the Field of Attraction. This is where the power of network effects is harnessed, magnifying the Strategy's impact and drawing more participants and localities into The Movement.

  1. Dissemination Strategy: Utilizing a multi-channel approach, including digital platforms and grassroots community organizing and events to propagate the Mission. Train the trainer and "each one plant one" strategies ensure the exponential propagation of capabilities, coaching, and mentoring.

  2. Legislative Influence: Establish a full slate of prototypical legislation, and begin implementing transformational policies and constitutional amendments that align larger segments of Society with the Goals and Values of the New Covenant.

  3. Academic Partnerships: Collaboration with universities and research institutions for empirical validation of the mission's strategies and impact, using universities as local hubs to organize distributed Citizen Science, measurement, and monitoring programs geared around positive social and environmental regeneration.

  4. Expanding Public Private Partnerships and Citizen Led Joint Ventures: As universal problems, needs, goals, and values crystalize and solutions become evident, unleash a growing wave of public private partnerships and Citizen Led Joint Ventures to rapidly develop and propagate the most valuable solutions to communities around the world at the highest possible Quality while driving marginal costs towards Zero. This massive step forward fully equips communities around the world to level-up and adopt leading solutions to our shared challenges and opportunities.

Phase 6: The Saturation Phase - by Domain - 2028 - 2033

Amidst ongoing validation and iterative refinement, the Lionsberg initiatives begin to scale. This phase leverages network effects and the Lionsberg Platform’s capabilities to expedite the roll-out to a multitude of communities in waves that increase steadily in amplitude.

This phase aims to reach critical mass one by one throughout the various domains of society. To do this, a series of tipping points are identified—first node, first thousand, first 1%, first 3%, and first 13%—each marking a threshold beyond which the implementation of the Lionsberg Strategy in that domain becomes self-perpetuating and largely irreversible. These tipping points serve as both milestones and triggers for expanding the Strategy into adjacent domains, thereby facilitating progressive global saturation. When the Knowledge of God covers the Earth like floodwaters, THEN... (the lion will lie down with the lamb)...

As critical mass is reached in each domain, constitutional amendments are adopted to formally realign the Old Systems with the New Covenant. The fullness of the saturation phase occurs when the Knowledge of God covers the Earth like floodwaters, paving the Way for the New Era to manifest.

As we scale, we continue to learn. Adaptive Optimization across the System as a Whole enables the Lionsberg System to refine itself in real-time, making dynamic adjustments to its course as dictated by a diverse array of feedback mechanisms.

  1. Saturation Milestones: Clearly defined tipping points to monitor and measure the impact across various societal and geographic domains.

  2. Legal and Governance Reform: Introduction of constitutional amendments, bylaws, and policies that institutionalize the New Paradigm and formally transform and align the Old Systems.

  3. Knowledge Dissemination: Open-source knowledge repositories, academic journals, and media strategies to freely disseminate information, wisdom, and techniques to empower humanity along its transformative New trajectory.

  4. Real-Time Adaptive Optimization: A sophisticated AI-backed and human-mediated system to constantly adapt strategies based on a multitude of feedback mechanisms.

Phase 7: The New Era Phase - Passing The Flame - 2033 - 3,000 and Beyond

Graduates from the first phases of the Elevation Initiative, who have successfully navigated the Tests, ascend to full Citizenship in the New Era. Here, the New Era doesn't merely commence as a hypothetical construct but as a tangible reality, manifested through the actions and lived experiences of its Co-Creators. This inaugurates the New Era and the process of Passing The Flame through subsequent generations over the millennia to come.

Here, the knowledge, wisdom, and patterns extracted from the journey are formalized into stories, case studies, and instructional guides. Storytelling, ceremonies, rituals, and thresholds are formalized as a perpetual Practice to ensure that subsequent generations Never Forget. These serve as the foundation for future initiatives and generations.

  1. Generational Knowledge Transfer: Formal educational systems to perpetuate the objectives and wisdom of the New Covenant and New System through successive generations.

  2. Cultural Preservation: Art, music, and stories that encapsulate the journey, serving both as a historical record and an inspirational flame.

  3. Eternal Vigilance: The formalization of the functioning of Wisdom Councils, rotating groups responsible for maintaining the mission's integrity over millennia at various fractal scales.

Phase X: 20 Year Generational Contingency - 2033 - 2053 As Required

In acknowledgment of the profound uncertainties and risks that come with this groundbreaking transformation, a contingency has been established that is 200% the length of the 10-Year Grand Strategy, 20 years in length. This contingency serves as a buffer to recalibrate and adapt the Strategy in response to unforeseen challenges and opportunities, while ensuring that the generational transformation is comprehensively measured and managed from the outset.

With this phased approach, buttressed by contingencies, the Lionsberg Strategy is not merely a vision but a living, evolving framework. It places humanity at the cusp of a new epoch, fusing divine inspiration with earthly pragmatism in a harmonious symphony of transformation.

  1. Strategic Foresight: A dedicated unit for constantly scanning the horizon for both risks and opportunities, with a focus on ensuring long-term sustainability.

  2. Resource Allocation: A substantial contingency fund and team to handle unforeseen challenges or capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Phase Z: Spiritual, and Possibly Physical, War

In this phase, the Lionsberg Federation recognizes that the process of transformative change and the pursuit of universal justice and liberty will invite both spiritual and physical opposition from forces with intentions antithetical to these Values and Aims. The use of force, whether physical, intellectual, or metaphysical, adheres to a strict ethical framework grounded in a commitment to justice, liberty, and the preservation of human and environmental dignity. This involves a delicate balance between engaging spiritual disciplines like prayer and meditation to proactively secure victory in the spiritual realm, while also preparing for possible physical manifestations. A comprehensive strategy is developed that includes the formalizing growing alliances among the transforming communities, organizations, tribes, and nations that share the same vision and ethical grounding. Cybersecurity measures are heightened, given that information warfare is a likely domain of initial contention.

Simultaneously, a series of metaphysical tactics are deployed, drawing upon spiritual disciplines to combat malevolent forces in both the physical and spiritual realms. These tactics aim to win the War in the spiritual realm to prevent its manifestation in the physical world. However, preparations are also made for the latter contingency, involving an integration of logistical and defensive capabilities across various social strata—from individuals to nations - in an unprecedented new international alliance. Self-and-mutual defense mechanisms are established, and every effort is made to equip each layer of the Federation with the practical means to secure and defend itself, its members, and the Mission against evil, oppression, and injustice. The understanding is that if the spiritual and ethical integrity of the Federation is robust, uncompromised, and coalesced rapidly enough, it will serve as a bulwark against the temptation towards physical confrontation. However, a pragmatic recognition of the complexities and volatilities of transformative change necessitates a preparedness for all eventualities, and a non-naive view of the stakes and forces at play in the battle for the future of life and society.

  1. Ethical Guidelines: A robust ethical framework that governs the use of force.

  2. Coalitions: Building federal alliances with likeminded communities, organizations, tribes, and nations to fortify positions.

  3. Metaphysical Tactics: Deploying prayer, meditation, and other spiritual disciplines to combat malevolent forces in both the physical and spiritual realms.

  4. Cybersecurity: Employing cutting-edge technology to defend against information warfare and technological breaches.

  5. Self-And-Mutual Defense Mechanisms: Establish new self-and-mutual defense mechanisms across the growing Lionsberg Federation, integrating pragmatic logistical and defensive capabilities across the various individual, local, tribal, and national levels. Every effort should be made to win the War in the spiritual realm before it spills over into the physical, and every preparation should be made in anticipation of the spiritual battles manifesting in the physical realm.


The pursuit of Enlightenment, Liberty and Justice for All is a formidable but feasible Quest. By segregating this monumental task into a sophisticated Work Breakdown Structure and then subdividing the Quest into strategic phases—each with its own objectives, challenges, and deliverables—we create a dynamic roadmap towards the New Era. This multi-phase approach enables us to navigate the complex labyrinth of systemic transformation, ever-propelled by the Lionsberg Vision for a New Era of human Enlightenment, Harmony and Justice.