The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth v.2.0

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A Brief Orientation

  1. For a brief overview of the Lionsberg System and Approach, the following are the best starting points:
    1. The One Sentence question
    2. The Lionsberg Introduction
    3. The Lionsberg Manifesto
    4. The One Page and Executive Summaries below.
    5. Skimming the chapter titles on this page to catch the essence
  2. This longer Manifesto v2.0 expands upon the original significantly, delving deeper into context, strategy, structure, planning, resourcing and operationalization, with the Aim of serving as a more comprehensive Blueprint for The Movement.
  3. This Lionsberg Wiki Book is a Work In Progress. The live links are to the chapters that have already been published. They provide an overview of:
    1. The Meta Crisis and proposed Meta Solution (Chapters 1-10)
    2. The imperative for a New System and Approach (Chapters 11-15)
    3. The Genesis and Mission of Lionsberg (Chapters 16 and 17)
    4. The Lionsberg Strategy and Work Breakdown Structure (Chapters 24 and 25).
    5. And more, with other sections coming soon; a quick skim of their titles will give you a sense of what lies ahead.
  4. For a deeper dive, visit the Lionsberg Wiki Books bookshelf, where you will find thousands of interlinked pages circumambulating these issues from a variety of angles, including Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future.
  5. If you are not accustomed to Spiritual and Religious Language, please read A Note On Spiritual and Religious Language below as an orientation to our intentional use of these powerful tools. Like the United States Constitution, the Lionsberg System appeals to the Creator / God as the Transcendent Source of our Sovereignty, Inalienable Rights and Responsibilities, and Indivisibility, while explicitly protecting freedom of thought, speech, belief, and religious expression.

Introduction and Summaries

About the Author / Founder

Jordan Nicholas Sukut

Spiritual Langauge

A Note On Spiritual and Religious Language


Preface to the Lionsberg Blueprint

One Page Summary

One Page Summary of the Lionsberg Blueprint

Executive Summary and Call to Action

Executive Summary and Call to Action

Part I: The Meta Crisis and The Meta Solution - Navigating the Crossroads of History

Chapter 1 - The State of the World - The Meta Crisis and the Crossroads of History

Chapter 2 - The Invisible Horizon - Why Most People Are Unaware of the Impending Crisis

Chapter 3 - The Crucible of Decision - Towards Heaven or Hell on Earth?

Chapter 4 - The 7 Year Window - From Historic Crisis to Unprecedented Opportunity

Chapter 5 - The Lionsberg Meta Project - Transforming Our Lives and Our World Within a Single Generation

Chapter 6 - The Paradigmatic Tipping Point - A Shift in Spirit and Consciousness

Chapter 7 - A Divine Blueprint for the Best Possible Future - Articulating the Creator's Intent

Chapter 8 - Worksite Earth - Operationalizing the Divine Blueprint and Bringing Intention Into Reality

Chapter 9 - The New Covenant - A New Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Ecological Contract

Chapter 10 - The Dawn of the New Era - From Disintegration to Rebirth

Part II: The Imperative for a New System and Approach

Coming Soon

Chapter 11 - What Brought Us Here Won’t Lead Us There - The Inadequacies of Current Systems

Chapter 12 - Systemic Corruption - The Inherent and Accelerating Failure of Existing Institutions

Chapter 13 - The Rise of Enlightened Individual and Local Agency - Why an Unprecedented Citizen Led Response is Required

Chapter 14 - There is No "Them" Coming to Save Us - We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Chapter 15 - Beyond Good Intentions - The Imperative for Spiritual Covenant and Structured, Systematic, Collaborative Action

Chapter 16 - The Genesis of Lionsberg - Co-Creating What Did Not Exist

Chapter 17 - The Mission, Aim, and Goal of Lionsberg - Co-Creation in Service of the Creator's Intent

Part III: The Foundations and Pillars of Lionsberg

Chapter 18 - The Historical Context and Inception of Lionsberg

Chapter 19 - The New Covenant and Universal Principles - Spiritual and Philosophical Foundations

Chapter 20 - The Rule of Law and Governance - Co-Operating Beyond While Interfacing With And Transforming Existing Legal and Institutional Frameworks

Chapter 21 - The Twelve Pillars of Lionsberg - a Framework for Collaborative Thought and Action

Chapter 22 - The Theses of Lionsberg - Touchstones for the Transformation FROM Old TO New

Chapter 23 - The Lionsberg Approach - Citizen-Led Transformation - An Ark and Bridge Beyond the Failing Systems of the Old World

Part IV: The Lionsberg Blueprint in Action - From Intention and Ideation to Operationalization

Chapter 24 - The Lionsberg Strategy - The Gameplan for the Meta Project

Chapter 25 - The Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure - From Strategy to Execution

Chapter 26 - Identifying the Problems and Needs - The Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues

Chapter 27 - Recognizing Positive Pathways - The Total Nested Hierarchy of Opportunities

Chapter 28 - Mapping Solutions and Objectives - The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals

Chapter 29 - The Lionsberg System and Platform - Enabling Rapid Global Implementation and Learning

Chapter 30 - The Lionsberg Pattern Language - A Field Guide for Local Implementation of the New Vision and Plan

Chapter 31 - The Lionsberg Prototype - A Living Laboratory for Continuous Improvement

Chapter 32 - Phases of Implementation

Chapter 33 - Measurement the Exodus FROM the Old TO the New

Coming Soon

Part V: Systemic Integration and Iterative Execution

Coming Soon

Chapter 34: The Lionsberg System

Chapter 35: The System-Wide Master Planning Process - Adaptive Strategy and Action

Chapter 36: The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System - Bringing Intention Into Reality

Chapter 37: Mission Control - Risk, Performance Management, and Continuous Improvement

Part VI: Resourcing the New Vision and Plan

Coming Soon

Chapter 38: Phase 0: Resourcing the Foundational Infrastructure

Chapter 39: Phase I: Resourcing the Initial Launch

Chapter 40: Phase II: Early Adoption and Pilot Programs

Chapter 41: Phase III: Scaling and Optimization

Chapter 42: Phase IV: Achieving Maturity

Chapter 43: Phase V: Multi-Generational Commitment and Endowment

Part VII: Passing the Flame

Coming Soon

Chapter 44: Passing the Flame


  • Summary and Synthesis
  • Final call to action: mobilization and resource gathering


  • The Lionsberg System Toolkit
  • The Lionsberg Lexicon: Glossary of Key Terminology
  • FAQs