A Note On Spiritual and Religious Language

We are acutely aware the that use of Spiritual Language and appealing to the Ideal of One Citizenship Under God as the basis for a More Perfect Union among Citizens of Goodwill has the potential to immediately turn away some who might otherwise be sympathetic to The Mission and Goal.

However we also believe it is necessary, and indeed the only Solution that might actually work. There is no solution that can arise from politics, or economics, or sociology. These shallow disciplines merely help us describe the symptoms of the crises we are facing. We can get deeper into philosophy, but even there, the heights and depths lead us to approach the Asymptote of the Absolute. We can try to model mathematically or scientifically, but even then the incompleteness theorems instruct us that a system cannot demonstrate its own internal consistency, and that there will always be True statements that are unprovable within the system. A thousand paths lead us back to the One Brute Fact, the Uncaused Cause, the Absolute, Ultimate Reality, the One Deepest ontological thing.

Given the self-evident need for Sovereign Citizens to arise and unite to meet the needs and solve the problems at hand, and given the fragmented, divided, and conflicted state of society, the Supreme Question again presences itself:

Around what shall we gather?
What is the One Thing that Unites The Many?

While it is tempting to replace the Deepest Ideal of God with "Universe", "Nature", or "Humanity", those are also well-trodden paths to failure. These things constantly are transforming, and so we must look deeper to That Which Guides The Subsequent Transformations of Reality Across Time and Space.

While it is tempting to gather around something shallower, like poverty, or hunger, or corruption, or injustice, these too prove insufficient, for they are but ephemeral symptomatic manifestations of far deeper root causes that approach the fundamentals of Identity, Existence, and our Way of Being as a human species upon planet Earth.

While it is tempting to hope that a 'populist' or 'humanist' movement might be able to unite us and set things back in order, we know from history that placing any tribe, nation, or people, or even the human species at The Center leads logically and by its very nature to failure and destruction.

When we get Deep Enough, we discover that the only language we have as a human species to grapple with the Depths and the Heights to which we must descend and ascend together is by definition spiritual and religious language. While we might have torn down the elementary "big man in the sky" with our scientific inquiry, the deeper and farther, smaller and larger we can see, the more the Mystery of Ultimate Reality and I Am profoundly increases.

Thus we might try to accept Nietzshe's Death of God and forge a new and more abstract language, but then we are merely using less effective Word Tools to try to point at the aspects of Reality for which we already have words, and we must educate humanity from scratch about what they mean. With billions of humans who cling to their sacred words, and whose structures of consciousness are easily shaken, this is not a viable pathway within the 10 Year Grand Strategy and Generational Transformation.

Conversely, a far more direct path is Resurrect our Spiritual Language and Reconcile our Religious Heritage, and laugh compassionately at our our ignorant and arrogant 'teenage years' as a civilization where we foolishly "discovered" that "there was no God." Now that we are less young and foolish, perhaps we can redevelop eyes to see again that we had not the faintest idea of the Depths and Heights we were grappling with when we our feeble materialistic "enlightenment" killed our Ideal of God.

The funny thing about we humans is that our lives are like a vapor, like a breath of air on a cool morning that emerges and vanishes in a moment. The 10 generations that progressively forgot and thought they killed God at the closing of the last millennium are like 10 passing breaths of the Living System emanating from the Creator. The Generative Source of the Universe was not killed by our arrogance and ignorance; however we nearly destroyed our selves and our planet out of our foolishness.

As it has often been said, perhaps one of the primary reasons we learned to think and have ideas was so that we could try things out 'virtually', before instantiating them in Reality, so that our worst ideas could suffer and die, rather than us. The idea of murdering the Ultimate Reality and Ideal of God was one of the worst ideas that humanity has ever had. Not only did we try it out in our minds, but we tried to progressively act it out in society, resulting in hundreds of millions of unnecessary deaths at the hands of warring secular systems, untold suffering, and the progressive destruction of our uniting and redeeming social and moral fabric as we placed our deepest spiritual impulses in every more shallow, arbitrary, and conflicting things.

In a very real sense, this moment in history is a referendum on our ongoing existence as a human species. Our relationship to the Divine, to the Generative Source and Sustainer of the Universe, to the Absolute, to Ultimate Reality, to the Creator, to God is perhaps THE primary test we have to pass to qualify for ongoing existence, that can only occur if we do not use our developing superpowers to destroy One Another, Society, and the Earth.

When the Founders of the United States declared independence and forged the constitution, they wisely and unashamedly appealed to the Creator as the Source of our self-evident and inalienable Rights and Responsibilities, appealed to the Supreme Judge for the rectitude of their intentions, and relied upon the partnership and protection of Divine Providence as a cornerstone of the mutual pledge of their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor.

We are back at such a revolutionary and evolutionary moment, not just on one continent, but across the planet and as a human species as a Whole.

If we are to avoid catastrophic failure, we must arise and unite.

Around what? Under what banner?

There can only be One that unites Us All.

Therefore, the entire Lionsberg System and Approach is centered around a New Covenant between the Creator and All Creation, and the Mission and Goal of Lionsberg is to enable the emergence of One Citizenship, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. A Higher Order Functional Unity among the Force For Good actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and accomplishing the goals at hand, while navigating courageously together, as One Body, towards Destiny.

While the entire Lionsberg concept is to place the Creator at The Center and base everything upon Love, like the United States Constitution, the Lionsberg Constitution explicitly prohibits the establishment of an institutional 'state religion', explicitly protects freedom of Individual and Local thought, speech, and conscience.

The amazing thing about the resurrection and rediscovery of the Wisdom of God is that it simultaneously Orders and Unites All things within Itself, while basing the entire Divine Order upon Free Will and the Responsibility and Authority of Sovereign Individuals and Localities, created in the Image of God, and invited to continuously transform, together, towards The Ideal.