Chapter 4 - The 7 Year Window - From Historic Crisis to Unprecedented Opportunity


Humanity is at a critical juncture, with a narrow window of opportunity to drastically alter its course. Over the next seven years, we face a series of crucial tipping points that could either lock in a long-term trajectory toward social, ecological, economic, and geopolitical collapse, or conversely create the conditions for a systemic transformation accelerating us All towards the Best Possible Future. The clock is ticking, and immediate action is imperative. This chapter explores the confluence of factors that make these seven years so pivotal, offering both a warning and an invitation for collective ascension toward a more enlightened state.

The Seven Major Tipping Points

Ecological Breakdown

Our planet is showing undeniable signs of environmental distress. If harm is not immediately ceased, and immediate regenerative actions are not immediately taken, these could result in irreversible damage and accelerating ecological collapse.

Technological Singularity

With the pace of technological innovation, we are likely to soon reach a point where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence and is capable of merging with itself, raising questions about ethical considerations, the proliferation of the most powerful technologies in human history, and our very existential fabric.

Social Cohesion

Society is more divided than ever, with identity politics, economic disparities, and a lack of shared Vision and Values creating increasing social strife, populism on the Left and Right, and refusal to dialogue, discern, and collaborate in Good Faith. This division undermines the possibility and potential of collective action.

Economic Systems

Whether it's the challenge of implementing fair trade over free trade, combating corruption, injustice, and inequality, transcending the failing floating fiat currencies, resolving centuries of imbalances, dealing with the bankruptcy of debt-ridden global backbones, or transitioning to a more regenerative model, the economic decisions made in this window are crucial.

Spiritual Renewal or Decline

Society’s spiritual health is at a tipping point. There is a growing hunger for meaning and spiritual nourishment as well as a decline in traditional religious observance and a loss of uniting Narrative, Identity, Purpose, Vision, and Values. Which way this evolves will have implications that persist for generations and centuries to come.

Governance and Institutions

The trust in our institutions is eroding. The decisions to either rapidly reform, replace, or live with these failing Old systems will determine how society functions for generations to come.

Ideological Confrontation

The clashes between doctrines of Freedom and Authoritarianism, Capitalism and Communism, Left and Right, Conservative and Progressive, Fundamental and Transcendent, Local and National is reaching a boiling point globally. The ideological frameworks that prevail will define the boundaries of individual and collective life moving into the future.

The Dynamic Interplay of Tipping Points

These tipping points do not exist in isolation; they interact in complex and unpredictable ways. For instance, technological advancements might provide solutions for ecological issues but create new ethical dilemmas. Conversely, self-interested authoritarian regimes and corporations backed by ever-more-powerful technologies could dramatically accelerate the destruction of ecosystems, social cohesion, and the pursuit of Wisdom and Truth.

The Necessity of Holistic Solutions

Given the interconnectedness of these challenges, solutions must be holistic, tackling the root causes of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues and Opportunities simultaneously. These approaches should be firmly rooted in eternal wisdom and moral imperatives, thereby aligning with the Divine Logos of the universe.

Strategies for Positive Transformation

Coordinated Global Action

The scale of the challenges demands action beyond individual or even national capabilities. A coordinated global effort is necessary, requiring international cooperation and the creation of new systems and institutions.

Spiritual Leadership

Guidance from enlightened leaders can act as a compass, steering humanity toward wisdom, love, and harmony. The vision and moral authority of such leaders could be a positive catalyst for collective transformation.

Grassroots Movements

Bottom-up initiatives, fueled by individuals at the community level and aided by shared infrastructure, Knowledge, and technologies, offer hope for creating a more flourishing and healthy civic and social existence.

Ethical Frameworks for Technology

Creating ethical guidelines for technological development can prevent us from creating systems and tools that exceed our wisdom to control them, and ensuring that every act of Co-Creation is harmonized and aligned in service of The Goal.

Rewriting the Social Contract

Addressing social cohesion requires a new social contract, built on inclusivity, mutual respect, and shared Vision and Values, that can facilitate collective action for the greater good.

Establishing the New Covenant

Ultimately, this new social contract must fulfill all the requirements of the New Covenant, beckoning humanity up towards eternal Right Relationship with the Creator and All Creation.


The next seven years represent a critical period for humanity, filled with both peril and promise. Immediate and decisive action is imperative, but so too is Patience, Wisdom, moral Integrity, and a Vision that aligns with the Highest Spiritual Principles and Values. In tackling the immense challenges that lie ahead, we have the opportunity not just to avert catastrophe but to transcend our limitations and co-create a new reality that could be better for All, than anyone has ever enjoyed in the past.

The path forward may be fraught with difficulty, but it is also laden with unprecedented opportunity. By recognizing the urgency of the moment and acting in accordance with divine wisdom, we can collectively write a new chapter in the human story, one that honors the Creator and serves all of Creation. This is the path toward the Ultimate Goal—on Earth as it is in Heaven.