Chapter 19 - The New Covenant and Universal Principles - Spiritual and Philosophical Foundations


The transformative endeavor that is Lionsberg exists not in a vacuum but emerges as an inspired response to both the challenges and promises of this transition between eras. To understand Lionsberg in its fullest scope, one must explore the foundational principles—both spiritual and philosophical—that undergird its Mission and Structure. Flowing from the Central Animating Spirit of God, these are the invisible but potent forces that give form and energy to this endeavor, bridging the eternal with the temporal and the spiritual with the practical.

The New Covenant: The Spirit of a Higher Order

The term "New Covenant" denotes an agreement or contract that God makes with humanity. This concept, which has antecedents in Judaic tradition, is fully manifested in Christian theology, and is pointed towards by all genuine spiritual endeavor, represents a higher, more evolved form of relationship between God and humans, as well as among humans themselves, mediated not by written law by directly by the Spirit of God.

While the New Covenant is spiritual in nature and transcendent of any and all attempts to box it in or contain it, Lionsberg is an incarnation of its Spirit in Space and Time, a specific, structured, and pragmatic invitation to a New Living Covenant, or contract, between all those committed to working together in partnership with God to forge the Best Possible Future for All, guided by Divine Wisdom, Principles, and Values. Rising from the ashes of our previous failed contracts, it is a New spiritual and social contract, wherein each individual commits to mutual responsibility, the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, and transformation towards a Higher Ordered State of Existence harmonized by the Creator's Intent, and mediated by the Spirit of God.

The Universal Principles: The Pillars of Lionsberg

The Vision of Lionsberg is underpinned by timeless and universal Principles and Values. More fully articulated in The Lionsberg System of Values, they encompass concepts such as:

  • Truth: Truth serves as the foundational axis around which the cosmos is ordered, reflecting the Divine Logos or ultimate rationality, logic, and intelligibility underlying all of Creation. It is not merely a catalog of facts or propositions, but the very essence of navigating towards and continually refining our understanding of what is Real, immutable, and Eternal. In this context, Truth is both a destination and a path, a fixed principle and a dynamic process of convergence. It transcends relative perspectives and cultural interpretations to provide a universally applicable standard by which all thoughts, actions, and systems can be measured. The pursuit of Truth is not merely an intellectual exercise but a sacred obligation, one that requires humility, discernment, and ceaseless inquiry into the nature of existence and Divine Will. It is the Way towards Liberty.
  • Love: Love is the highest expression of the Divine Nature, an eternal principle that binds all elements of the cosmos in a relational dance of Unity. It is the invisible force that draws individuals toward the Good, encouraging altruism, compassion, and self-sacrifice. Love transcends ego, dissolves barriers, and reconciles opposites, serving as the wellspring of all other virtues and values. It is both a transcendent reality and an immanent experience, both the essence of the Ultimate End and the Beginning and Means through which that Divine End is achieved. Love is not a fleeting emotion but an enduring commitment to the welfare and flourishing of others and All, reflecting the unconditional and sacrificial love embodied by the Divine.
  • Justice: Justice is the operational expression of Divine Law that permeates every level of existence. It isn't confined to human-made courts or legislation but is an immanent principle that ensures a harmonious balance between giving and receiving, action and consequence, freedom and responsibility. It serves as the arbiter of equilibrium, aligning every interaction within the Highest Order to reflect the fundamental integrity and coherence of the Divine. Justice is both retributive and restorative—ensuring that wrongs are righted and that harmony and balance are continually restored in alignment with Divine Wisdom and Providence.
  • Stewardship: Stewardship is the ethical responsibility to manage, care for, protect, renew and perfect all aspects of creation. It is an extension of the Divine mandate to exercise dominion with wisdom, compassion, and justice. Far from a license for exploitation, stewardship calls for a delicate balance between use and regeneration, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life and the finite nature of earthly resources if properly handled. This principle transcends time, urging each generation to pass on a world not only undiminished but enhanced, in alignment with the Divine Plan. Stewardship is a manifestation of love and wisdom, requiring a profound understanding of both natural law and ethical imperatives.
  • Wisdom: Wisdom is the illuminated confluence of knowledge, experience, and Divine understanding. It transcends the limitations of human intellect and opens the gateway to a Higher Order of perspective and comprehension, one that harmonizes the myriad polarities of existence into the Whole and offers insights into the most profound mysteries of the Divine Plan. Wisdom is not an endpoint but a pathway—a dynamic, evolving understanding that becomes ever more aligned with Divine Truth. It serves as the discerning eye that sees from the Highest Place and recognizes the subtleties of moral and ethical dilemmas, providing a guiding light that navigates through the complexities of existence toward the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All.
  • Beauty: Beauty is the Divine's imprint on the material world, a reflection of the inherent harmony and balance that exists within the cosmos. It transcends mere aesthetic appreciation, serving as an ethereal quality that ennobles the spirit and evokes a sense of awe and wonder. Beauty manifests in natural forms, artistic creations, and even in abstract concepts like mathematics or ethics. It is both a signal of the underlying order in the universe and a constant reminder of the sublime qualities of the Divine. Through the recognition and appreciation of beauty, the soul finds a pathway to the Divine, uplifted and inspired toward higher states of consciousness.
  • Liberty: Liberty is the unalienable right of sentient beings to exercise free will in accordance with Divine Law. It is not just freedom from external oppression, but also the freedom to fulfill one's Divine potential, to flourish and contribute to the cosmic harmony. Liberty entails responsibility: the free will exercised must be aligned with Divine Principles, not used to exploit or harm others. It balances individual autonomy with collective wellbeing, always guided by the moral compass embedded within the universal and eternal Logos and illuminated by the Spirit of God. It provides the space for creativity, innovation, and expression, all the while acting as a safeguard against both chaos and tyranny.
  • Shalom: Shalom is not merely the absence of conflict but a state of universal wholeness, peace, and harmony that reflects the Divine Nature. It is the ultimate aim of Wisdom and Justice, the harmonious coexistence of diverse elements within a Living System. Shalom involves the reconciliation of opposites, the resolution of discord, and the unification of disparate elements into a coherent, functional, and just whole. It embodies both a state of being and a process; it is both a vision for the Divine Order and the practical means through which that order is achieved. Shalom signifies the completion of a cycle, the fulfillment of a Divine Plan that manifests itself through the intricacies and complexities of existence.

The Epistemology of Faith and Reason

In navigating towards the Truth, Lionsberg incorporates both faith and reason as complementary tools. While faith provides the spiritual intuition and moral imperative, reason offers the analytical capability to translate lofty ideals into practical reality. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship, each enhancing, refining, and helping one another more fully reveal themselves.

The Metaphysics of Co-Creation

The concept of Co-Creation is crucial to the functioning of Lionsberg. It implies that humans are not mere passive recipients of Divine will or mechanistic destiny, but active and conscious participants in the unfolding of the Divine Plan. This necessitates an intimate and dynamic relationship with the Divine, one where humans are empowered agents and conduits of the Spirit of God, consciously co-creating their reality in alignment with the Divine Intention.

In response to the Meta Crisis, the only solution is an unprecedented Meta Project capable of uniting all Conscious Co-Creators as One under the Creator's Intent.

Ethical Dimensions: Toward Wise Right Action

The ethical framework in Lionsberg is not merely a set of do's and don'ts but an integrated system of Wisdom, Principles, and Values that nurtures spiritual and moral growth, and guides Wise Right Action. It promotes sovereignty and autonomy coupled with wisdom and discernment, encouraging each individual, team, and community to act in accordance with the highest good, not just for themselves but for the Whole. Spiritual Guidance and Decentralized Action, coupled with systems, processes and technologies that help stack up and align local progress towards shared Goals and Values, creates for the first time in history the pragmatic possibility of co-operating as One Body in the Wise Right Way to progress towards The Goal.

Conclusion: The Eternal and the Immediate

The New Covenant and the Central Animating Spirit, Principles and Values it implies stand as the spiritual and philosophical foundation stones of Lionsberg. They serve as the bridge between the eternal, spiritual realm and the immediate, temporal world. By aligning human actions and systems with these enduring truths and building upon the Rock guided by the Spirit of God, Lionsberg seeks to manifest a reality that is simultaneously Divine and human, eternal and immediate, a living expression of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

As such, Lionsberg is more than a socio-political-economic endeavor; it is a spiritual and philosophical mission aligned with a historical arc stretching from the inception of human consciousness towards the ultimate realization of the Divine Plan. These guiding principles make Lionsberg not just a temporal project but a spiritual Mission, one that beckons each individual to partake in an extraordinary journey towards the actualization of the Kingdom of God on Earth.