The Lionsberg System of Values


This book is a Work In Progress. As we rediscover the universal Values that cause people, society, and nature to flourish in harmony and coherence:

  1. We are identifying them here
  2. We are starting with simple descriptions
  3. We are progressing towards a full Values Pattern Language
  4. We are working to translate Values into Principles and Practices that can guide our lives, society and human operating system

Values Pattern Language

Our Aim is to continuously improve a Values Pattern Language to interrelate the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values, and link them to principles and behaviors to guide our co-creative endeavors.

Template For Values Pattern Language

The Highest Uniting Value / The Meta Value

By definition, the ultimately ineffable Meta Value we point to with Word Tools such as God / Creator / One is what balances, orders and coheres the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values within Itself; the Central Animating Spirit that creates, sustains, and orders the Universe.

The Spirit and The Way of the One

In nearly all spiritual, religious, and wisdom traditions, the One is described as the Central Animating Spirit of the Universe; the Source, Author and Perfecter of Life and Consciousness.

Our relationship to the One Spirit that creates and sustains All interexistent Life and Consciousness is one of eternal and universal Covenant Relationship, which beckons All Creation towards Omniconsiderate Right Relationship rooted in Absolute And Unconditional Love.

As our Highest Aim, we are invited to Progress Towards Oneness Through Love, progressively enlightening and reuniting our Spirit with its Source by helping All Creation do the same.

This leads to Way of Being that is ultimately Non-Propositional in nature, where we exist and move in and according to the Ultimately Ineffable Spirit of God, and not the written word.

When we exist in this Way, we discover that we naturally co-operate to fulfill not merely the letter, but the Spirit and Logos of the Universal Law.

All Values can therefore best be understood in the context of the One they all share in common. They can best be understood as reflections or facets of the One Uniting Meta Value of Greatest Worth.

The Deepest Value

The Universal Core Values

From One, we can derive the Deepest Universal Values, such as:

The Universal Derivative Values

Without reducing the Ultimately Ineffable Unity of Value to human words and categories, the following Icons reflect various additional facets of the Meta Value.


This section is a Work In Progress - just beginning to drop in the Field of Anti-Values

Dishonest Gain