The Lionsberg System of Values


This book is a Work In Progress. As we discover the universal Values that cause people, society, and nature to flourish:

  1. We are identifying them here
  2. We are starting with simple descriptions
  3. We are progressing towards a full Values Pattern Language
  4. We are working to translate Values into Principles and Practices that can guide our lives, society and human operating system

Values Pattern Language

We are establishing a Values Pattern Language to interrelate the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values, and link them to principles and behaviors to guide our co-creative endeavors.

Template For Values Pattern Language

The Spirit and Way

These enumerated values are reflective of a unified and coherent Central Animating Spirit, whose nature is Absolute And Unconditional Love.

This Spirit of God results in our attempt to embody a non-propositional Way of Being, rooted in Love and guided by Truth.

The Universal Core Values

Among the Deepest Values on the list are:

From Love, and from these additional Core Values, all other values can be derived.

The Universal Derivative Values

Without reducing the ineffable unity of Value to human words and categories, we offer up the following identifiable values as a proxy for the Central Animating Spirit that impels us.


This section is a Work In Progress - just beginning to drop in the Field of Anti-Values

Dishonest Gain