Prepare For The Great Transformation

As Citizens arise and unite to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and co-create the New World, they must actively prepare for The Great Transformation. This pivotal shift encompasses personal, cultural, social, and economic changes that will result from the failure of Old Systems, as well as those which are necessary to successfully transition from a fragmented, unsustainable, and unjust world towards a reunified, regenerative, and flourishing one that works for All generations of life.

Here are some key steps to prepare for The Great Transformation:

  1. Embrace the Values: Internalize and embody the The Lionsberg System of Values that underpin the Lionsberg System and the New Vision and Plan, using these values to guide your actions, decisions, and interactions.

  2. Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, curiosity, and improvement, seeking out opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills, and perspectives.

  3. Build Resilience: Develop personal and community resilience by cultivating adaptability, flexibility, and perseverance in the face of adversity and uncertainty, and reducing dependencies upon the fragile systems of the Old World.

  4. Foster Connection and Collaboration: Engage in open dialogue, cooperation, and shared learning with fellow Citizens, embracing the power of collective action to co-create innovative solutions to the challenges associated with the Meta Crisis, and the opportunities associated with the New World.

  5. Celebrate Diversity: Recognize and value the diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and contributions of all Citizens advancing towards The Goal, fostering a diverse and collaborative environment that supports the co-creation of the New World.

  6. Diversify and Localize Assets and Resources: Strengthen local economies and the capacity of localities to provision themselves by investing in community-based resources, services, and infrastructure, building self-sufficiency, strength and resilience into local communities. Diversify assets away from fragile systems in a wise and responsible way that does not inadvertently accelerate their collapse, while avoiding hoarding and keeping assets in Flow for the benefit of All. In addition to diversifying and relocalizing assets to strengthen your own community and supply chains, consider de-concentrating and distributing excess assets to strengthen an array of diverse communities and systems.

  7. Localize Food Systems: Support and promote local, sustainable, and regenerative food systems that prioritize the health and well-being of people, the local environment, and the planet. Develop contingency plans for the provision of food and water in the event globalized food supply systems falter or are intentionally disrupted.

  8. Diversify, Strengthen, and Localize Supply Chains: Encourage diverse, resilient, and relocalized supply chains that minimize vulnerabilities, support local businesses, and promote environmental stewardship. Develop contingency plans for the provision of basic supplies in the event global supply systems falter or are intentionally disrupted.

  9. Build Capacity: Develop the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and thrive in the midst of disruption and chaos, empowering individuals and communities to take meaningful action and take control of their own destinies.

  10. Develop a Vision, Strategy, and Plan for Each Domain of Responsibility and Authority: Create comprehensive and actionable plans for each area of responsibility and authority you Steward, ensuring that all stakeholders understand and are aware of the harsh realities and potentials of the Meta Crisis, and are aligned with goals and objectives of the New Vision and Plan and its localization into your own Vision, Strategies, and Plans.

  11. Align Your Actions with the New Vision and Plan: Align your personal and professional choices with the goals and objectives of the New Vision and Plan, working to foster a more just, regenerative, and thriving world that works for All.

  12. Participate in The Great Game of Lionsberg: Actively contribute your unique skills, knowledge, and passion to The Great Game of Lionsberg, working together with fellow Citizens to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and co-create the New World.

  13. Serve as a Steward and Advocate: Promote the principles and values of the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan within your sphere of influence, inspiring others to join The Movement and contribute to the Great Transformation..

  14. Spread the World and Help Others Prepare: Spread The Word and help and encourage others to prepare. Successfully navigating through the Meta Crisis and The Great Transformation requires as many conscious, aware, informed, strong Citizens and Communities as possible.

By taking these steps, Citizens can actively prepare for and contribute positively to our individual and collective navigation through The Great Transformation, working together to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and co-create a brighter, more flourishing future for All.