Jordan and A - 2023.04.21 - Messaging and Strategy

1. Will need several different ways of talking about this ...

  • Spirituality / Consciousness
  • Philosophers
  • Leaders
    • more enlightened
    • less enlightened
  • Sector leaders
  • People, voters, citizens
    • massive diversity
  • Children / youth
    • massive diversity
  • The most vulnerable / disadvantaged / disenfranchised

2. Cone of Communication

  • Will require a intelligently designed cone of communication that reaches across all levels of abstraction out to every citizen.
  • Spiritual essence
  • Philosophical essence
  • Elevator pitch
  • Street pitch
  • How can we honor and contextualize the thought at higher levels of abstraction that may be very confusing for some / turn people off / cause fear... but maybe is important.

3. Will require differentiating out brand / identify for Jordan and Lionsberg

  • Citizens as the empowered heroes
  • Jordan as a servant leader / guide
  • Lionsberg as enabling platform / community / gathering place / game / place of voluntary organizing and federating (also servant leader / guide)
  • Every Citizen finding their own heroic place / role in The Story

4. Story based messaging and progressive enlightenment

  • Where are we?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where are we going?
  • What is the Obstacle that stands in our way?
  • What is at stake?
  • What is the default trajectory if we remain complacent / dysfunctional / divided / accept the default outcome?
  • Also Identity...
    • Who are we?
    • How did we become this?
    • Who are we becoming?
    • What higher levels of identity do we need to rediscover in order to rediscover who we truly are beyond the shallower divisive labels we attach to ourselves
    • Ultimately rediscovering our ultimate identity as one "family of God"... All things arising from One Generative Source.
  • Jordan and Lionsberg (together and separately) as one potential path / way to choose
    • via the role of the guide in the archetypical journey
  • The Story Pattern
    • A hero in pursuit of a valued goal (humanity in pursuit of flourishing)(America in pursuit of its ideals and flourishing)...
    • faces a challenge they do not know how to overcome (the Meta Crisis / The Great Transformation / Corruption and Injustice)...
    • meets a guide (Jordan / Lionsberg)
    • Who offers them a plan / Way...
      • Simple to understand 5 or 6 steps
    • To avoid chaos / failure / suffering / death...
    • And achieve success / The Goal...

5. Progressively deepening tiers of communication

  • A game so simple any child or family can participate
  • A wide array of self-organizing projects, initiatives, groups, organizations and alliances to participate in.
  • A comprehensive New Vision and Plan, and system and approach, so thorough that it will demand the very best of the most capable citizens around the world
    • JFK man to the moon speech...
    • "We now have 7 years to land humanity and our planet on a safe trajectory to the future we seek. "
  • A comprehensive philosophy addressing all aspects of existence as a human species
  • A spiritual existence and understanding, ultimately inviting back towards the spiritual journey towards unity through Love, and the movement towards right relationship between One and All, Creator and Creation, God and Humanity.

6. On our collective Quest towards The Goal...

  • The Movement or Quest - FROM (the Old World) TO (the New World)
  • There are Milestones along the Way...
  • and easily visible pragmatic steps to move between those milestones
  • Technically speaking - this creates a visual / story based journey through the Critical Path of a (program of action)
  • One milestone along the way is to win the Presidency, not as an end in and of itself, but for what that would make possible to avoid failure and achieve success...

Was Does Wise / Independent / Spiritual Leadership in the US Executive position make possible

  • Possible meme: One Citizenship, Under God
  • The pros / cons / necessity of invoking God and rediscovering the One Thing that unites All things.
    • "What if put God back at the center and based everything on Love?"
    • Not religiously, but mathematically and technically, there must be a central organizing principle and relationship, and there must be a guiding Spirit. Those are One whose nature is Love.
  • Who is a stakeholder in the 2024 US Election? The whole world has a vested interest in the US avoiding failure and catastrophe - "when the US sneezes, the world catches a cold." If the US grows terminally ill, it will affect nearly every Citizen on earth, and every plant, animal, and microbe.
  • Everyone has a vested interest in the last ditch effort, even if impossible, to help America rediscover its freedom, independence, and entrepreneurial spirit and elect and independent in 2024 that is willing to give their life in service of attempting to implement the New Vision and Plan.
    • (probably fake) Ernest Shackleton ad: Men wanted, for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.
    • Analogy - of the "Final Order" assembled and on the verge of absolutely dominating the world (The Advance of The Giants)... there is one chink in the armor, and that is the center or power on the lead ship - the United States... If we can take a fleet of x-wings and hit that mark, the veto power and influence there can be used to halt the nefarious plans and consolidation of corrupt power... and instead implement the New Vision and Plan.
  • The US Presidency is the most influential seat in the world and it has access to all other systems. That is the Aim where we would want to put one we think we act in a Spirit of Truth and Love at local, national, and international scale.
  • From that position of influence, every next step in the New Vision and Plan becomes possible, not just for Americans, but for every citizen of the world, and all creation.

7. The Role of Lionsberg

  • Gathering place / platform / refuge / community for Citizens of Goodwill beyond the lines that have separated us in the past
  • A City on a Hill -
    • a source of inspiration, safety, resources, and hope for weary travelers...
    • an aspirational image of the sacred dwelling place where life and consciousness can flourish in harmony
  • A system that protects the sovereignty and autonomy of each individual and locality, while affording the Higher Order Functional Unity required to meet the needs and solve the problems at hand.
  • A protocol for Citizen Led governance and impact - The Lionsberg Approach to Citizen Led Governance.

8. The Role of Citizen Impact Groups and Citizen Assemblies

  • A major part of the call to action is to get citizens forging or joining groups - Discussion Groups, Citizen Impact Groups, Citizen Assemblies...
  • Longer term possibility - the fractal Citizen Assemblies eventually become a 4th branch of government via constitutional amendment that could be mandated by the people and passed in 2025. This would enable power and resources to be shifted away from the federal bureaucracy and executive branch, back towards the legislative branch, and then ultimately back out towards the Citizen Assemblies branch. We don't wait for permission - we move to voluntarily stack up and align Citizen Assemblies, and encourage them to take on as much responsibility and authority as they can (see Domains of Responsibility and Authority)

9. The role of pain

  • People are far more motivated by pain / suffering / outrage than by an invitation to something incrementally better.
  • Rule of thumb: people will not move
    • Until the pain of their current position
    • becomes greater than the perceived pain of moving
  • Therefore there are two levels to work with:
    • Increase the understanding of the current and coming pain if we remain complacent, divided, dysfunctional, deceived
    • Reduce the perceived pain of "letting go" of the Old they are grasping to, and grabbing onto something better.
  • It so happens that we may be on the verge of suffering that could affect many generations over centuries to come if some of the patterns in 1.3 Questions to Explore the Meta Crisis come to pass and existing systems fail before a New System / Lionsberg System and Approach are in place.

10. Transcendence and Evolution, not Revolution - Honoring and Hospicing the Old while co-creating the New.

  • We are not trying to overthrow or get people to give up or denigrate their current identities... (religious, political, national...)
  • We can speak with honor to the unique ideas, cultures, histories, and benefits of those structures... and the important and unique roles they have played in the past.
  • Simultaneously, we can all see that we are on a path towards failure and suffering... that many old structures have grown corrupt and willfully blind...
  • And that something New is required.
  • So therefore without laying down our Old affiliations, we can adopt a transcendent New affiliation...
    • "God is calling us together by tribe"
    • The Higher Order Functional Unity we are emerging towards is not a monolith... it is a diverse tapestry, it is a full symphony... and it is the uniqueness of each individual, tribe, and people that is what creates the symphony.

11. "Nature and Nature's God" / Resurrecting God

  • Neitzsche said that when humanity killed God, it would be the greatest crime in history, and nothing could remove the blood from our hands.
  • What is the One thing that unites us All?
  • beyond tribe and nation, we have nature...
  • beyond nature (the manifest) we have its universal and eternal Generative Source... which in English we call "God".
  • "God" has become one of the most problematic words... we have no idea what it means... people might say "I don't believe in God" as a proxy for the religion of their youth they are rejecting... but it is a grave mistake to fail to acknowledge that there is an Generative Source of our existence that is beyond space and time... and it is that One thing that we must principally and rightly relate to if we are to avoid failure and achieve success...
  • Powerful voices like MLK, Ghandi and others have successfully catalyzed large social movements for change while unashamedly calling upon God and the highest principles and aspirations and moral imperatives of the human Spirit.
  • In the midst of all the political BS and lies - we can appeal back to God, unity, our highest shared aspirations and values, and the interconnectedness of the Destiny of every one of our grandchildren's grandchildren.

12. The Plan

(we can pick any high level articulation of the underlying Spirit)

We The People, in order to establish a More Perfection Union:

  1. Are going to place God / One back at The Center of All
  2. Are going to base everything on Light and Love (do no evil or harm, and help)
  3. Are going to lay down deceit and ideologies and navigate towards Wisdom and Truth
  4. Are going to take back up our rightful responsibility and authority over our lives, our families, our communities, and our world via Citizen Led governance and impact
  5. Are going to connect and empower one another through the Lionsberg System and Approach
  6. Are going to resurrect the Spirit of America, and place her back in service of One and All.

13. Challenge: Reaching the ears of the deaf instead of preaching to the Choir

  • How do we avoid "preaching to the choir"
  • An easy trap is to spend time convincing those who can already hear, because they have already understood...
    • They don't need convincing, they need organizing
  • For those who can already hear...
    • Lionsberg represents an opportunity to organize and move together (back to gathering place / City on a Hill / resourcing, healing, empowerment)
    • Yet this has to be Self-Organizing or it will sink like a rock under the weight...
    • Lionsberg has to enable the Self-Organization and the voluntary rise towards Higher Order Functional Unity...
    • Jordan and Lionsberg can't get bogged down in trying to manage and organize...
    • Hypothesis: Primarily have to speak and inspire and invite...
    • Pete (approx): Every minute you are not spending inspiring, discerning, and bringing in the next wave is wasted. Stop trying to organize and manage, and get out and bring in more people.
  • For those who "have ears but can't hear, have eyes but do not see"...
    • Jesus spoke in stories and parables...
    • What is the multi-faceted comms strategy?

14. Jordan's Role

  • In this crucial moment, Every Citizen on Earth has the spiritual and moral imperative to take up as much responsibility as they can, and pick the biggest Existential Threat they can face down.
  • The single greatest threat may be if America succumbs to its corruption and disease and fails, and the strongest and most viscous powers scramble to the top of its heaps of weapons and power...
  • The single greatest opportunity is to get a wise, independent and visionary leader into the executive position in the US in 2024 with an unprecedented (US + global) mandate to implement the New Vision and Plan.
  • That is a threat to the largest and most vicious power structures on earth, and will be incredibly difficult to survive...
  • Therefore - to lead by example I am going to demonstrate my willingness to stand up, speak truth, and lay down my life if necessary in service of One and All.
  • "I am going to battle... and I need your help, your covering, and your support..."
  • Then the question becomes - how to Jordan into a position of responsibility and authority... form which the full plan plan can be unveiled and executed... the only seat on earth is the US Presidency.
  • This becomes a means to The Goal... a Milestone along the Way... rather than a goal in and of itself...
  • This creates a highly tangible target 18 months out... which is also the timing of issues related to AI, central bank digital currencies, debt crises, banking collapse, food crises, water crises, mass migration, world wars, etc...
  • Speaking to the New Vision and Plan... while taking on the most difficult / dangerous part of the mission...
    • Jumping in my old rusted out X-Wing to try to hit the power center of the lead ship in the Final Order...

TIME - The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity

  • If the US Presidency was an aspiration... we would certainly wait...
  • But it is not an aspiration, and we are in a world that is at war for the future of life and society...
  • It is not obvious that the US will still be around in its present form in a peaceful world in which democratic elections can be held by 2028...
  • we are entering The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity...
  • and we, the Force For Good, may only have 6 to 18 months to organize and move freely...
  • This means that every day, every week, every month is critical.

Navigation - From the Old to the New

How do we know if:

  • A. Our direction / Aim is correct?

  • B. Our milestones and steps (Critical Path towards The Goal are correct?

  • C. Our ability to inspire, persuade and get people to move are there?

  • Very difficult path, and very hard to explain...

Why the US Presidency, Revisited...

  • Whereas very few may have the desire or ability or time to do the years of work required to analyze and understand the entire critical path (Jordan might be slow, but took him thinking / praying / discerning for ~25 years from 12 years old to 37)...
  • If we can leverage Jordan's natural strengths being / charisma / leadership skills / ability to think / reason speak...
  • To look out to the world and say...
    • We are in a 7 year window of crisis and opportunity...
    • That means we actually have to be moving NOW.
    • The biggest single opportunity is 18 months from now...
    • And will require an unprecedented social movement...
    • Reaching out to perhaps 1 billion people with a message in 18 months...
    • However it may be our last best hope.
  • Dealing with objections
    • We are already too late
    • It is hopeless
    • I am powerless and can't contribute
    • there is nothing I can do...
    • Other ways to excuse themselves...
    • The wide array of ways to attack and try to tear down and destroy Jordan (character / physically / intellectually / spiritually)
  • The election of an independent creates something that every Citizen must do:
      1. Sign the petition for ballot access in your state
      1. Publicly commit to vote for Jordan (game theory / [Collective Action Problem(])
      1. Contribute whatever you can to (protect and support)
      1. Spread the Word
      1. Vote
  • Hypothesis: running through either Republican or Democratic party is dead on arrival...
    • Has to be totally independent so there are No Dependencies and We The People control the Critical Path
    • So abjectly corrupt...
    • Have to call BS on the entire corrupt and collusive system...
    • While honoring and attempting to save the Federation by drawing on our constitutional rights...
    • Reaching down and resurrecting the Spirit / Ideals / Independence...
  • The natural alliances and opportunities that arise from the position

Why America Must Lead

  • A simplified message for the unique role that America must play
  • Why there is no credible alternative (unlikely to arise out of Russia or China)...
  • US is the only place that the actual capability lies... and its alliances with the world... that are rapidly eroding and must be saved...
  • Countering the Authoritarian axis... with a Freedom alliance...
  • It is a spiritual battle... a battle of values... not of east vs. west... but of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, Liberty, and Citizen Led self-governance... vs. corruption and collusion and oppression and injustice and control. (light / dark, symbiotic / parasitical)
  • Call upon the spiritual and moral integrity and duty of Americans to once again arise and unite
  • We may have to fight another world war, which if fought will likely be the deadliest and most destructive in world history...
  • but there is also a chance that we can voluntarily awaken, arise, and unite fast enough... citizens of goodwill around the world... that there will be no one to fire the weapons.

The Critical Path

  • If we believe that getting Jordan into a position to implement the New Vision and Plan is the more direct route towards The Goal...
  • Then we must generate a social movement that can translate into political power independent of the corrupt existing structures.
  • So that the political power can be used to execute on the New Vision and Plan in service of One and All.
  • Then the critical path runs through messaging and broadcasting...
    • How to get the message differentiated out and understood (the best and highest use of propaganda)
    • The simplest statements that forge The Platform of Ideas and enable their memetic spread
    • The most rapid ways to improve user experience for those who hear and respond
  • Hypothesis - Speaking Truthfully to the rightful fears that we are sitting on the brink of chaos, suffering, and disintegration...
    • Racial tensions
    • Political tensions
    • Socioeconomic tensions
    • People who hate because they are disenfranchised
    • Bitterness, resentment, hatred, envy
    • Deceit
    • The pollution of our air, water, and soil
    • The destruction of our microbiome
    • The collapse of species and biodiversity
    • The destruction of the organ systems of our world
    • and at the moment we need them most, the abject corruption, collusion, and willful blindness at the highest levels of the institutions we have looked to for leadership and guidance in the past.
  • Need to understand the network infrastructure and inner working that have been leveraged to propel viral movements
  • Tie that to the strengths of speaking and inspiring
    • Identifying with the people
    • and a message of hope, faith, and courage
    • Yes... things are as bad as you think... and likely far worse than you know or would dare to believe...
      • But we are strong enough to do this...
    • Reagan, MLK, JFK...
    • Speaking prophetically to the coming crises and chaos that we have brought upon ourselves... and the remedy and plan...
    • The world won't fix itself...
    • We need a combination of leaders and engaged Citizens to push this forward....
    • I know how American can participate in that...
    • And how Citizens in America and around the world must Prepare For The Great Transformation and fortify themselves against the coming chaos...
    • The rightful fear of the Meta Crisis... the need to fortify, strengthen and Prepare For The Great Transformation becomes the platform...
    • Clear communication of the next steps that we must take now to connect, strengthen, and equip one another...
    • We have:
      • immediate answers on the individual, local, and Citizen Led level
      • We have short term answers on the federal level
      • and we have longer term answers on the x level

Design the TED Talk

  • the combination of factors already sitting out there...
  • that paint a very destructive view of the next 15 years...
  • and a bleak picture for generations to come...
  • Yet there are solutions that have been written...
  • and connection to those solutions now being forged...
  • and what we are forging is a network and federation of people, groups, and organizations... a community...
  • dedicated to healing, strengthening, and equipping one another...
  • so that "even at this late hour" - we can forestall that armageddon...
  • and come what may, confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and co-create The Future that can be better in every way than the past we are leaving behind.
  • I am working to build and inspire a community, so that together we can design and build our future.

Design the Resourcing Pitch

  • The primary focus on the long-term issues at hand let's us rightfully engage philanthropic resources to fund the platform, think tank, ideation, creation of the long term Lionsberg System.
  • The means to an end of Jordan for US President allows us to move into deeper political and economic spheres to engage resources.

America and It's Place in the World

  • The Spirit of America is One Nation Under God, and the greatest in the Kingdom of God is servant of all.
  • America must rediscover what it means to be a servant leader - to rediscover its Central Animating Spirit and lead the world beyond this Meta Crisis towards a Future and Hope that is Good.
  • Our power must be exercised not to exploit the world and to corrupt other countries for the benefit of corporate Giants, but to serve, elevate and empower all tribes and nations to rise towards freedom, prosperity, and harmony.
  • If we succeed in this greatest leadership challenge in history, we will earn the right to continue to serve and lead onward in a positive direction.
  • If however we reveal ourselves to be hopelessly divided, schizophrenic, corrupt, and unable to rise to the challenge, we will rightfully lose the trust of the world, and therefore the right to lead.
  • The United States and its allies represent the only power on earth with global forces and capabilities sufficient to lead, serve, and help humanity not only survive, but better our overall position over the coming decades.
  • This is the defining moment that will cement our place in history...
  • as the generations of Americans who arose and united to lead and serve the world in its time of greatest need...
  • or as the generations of Americans who consciously oversaw the decline and fall of the greatest experiment in freedom and democracy in history.


  1. Understand social movement building
  2. Focusing the message on the situation at hand
  3. Inspiring, uniting, and empowering Citizens
  4. Finding the resources and influence to enable the rise
  5. Getting into a position of responsibility and authority
  6. From which the next steps of the New Vision and Plan become possible


  • regardless of whether we succeed or fail in the milestone of US Presidency, we will be building a persistent and perpetual Lionsberg Community and Platform... that is connecting, equipping, serving, and empowering Citizen Led action around the world.
  • We will be building:
    • the organization
    • the platform
    • the federation
    • the movement
  • without requiring that people disenfranchise from things they are already connected to and value...
  • regardless of race, religion, creed party...
    • avoiding the natural wall of resistance you hit when people are forced to admit that part of their core beliefs, deep, connections, identity, and understanding of yourself is responsible for that...
    • Honoring the past...
    • Retaining the best features and benefits of the Old
    • Hospicing the elements that must be laid down
  • God is calling together by tribe, into a diverse unity... weaving the tapestry of all the good things of the past, retaining their best features and benefits, while simultaneously gaining significant new capabilities that will allow us to meet the needs and solve the problems at hand.
    • Not demanding conversion away from your religion or party or affiliations or citizenships that may have served you well in the past and be a part of your future...
    • You can stay connected and identified with those terms...
    • And at the same time, recognizing those terms are not serving us well, and are in fact dividing us and leading to our destruction...
    • We are proposing that we rediscover a new and higher order alternative around the One thing that unites us All.
    • A new and higher order understanding of how we are going to move forward as a diverse and rightly related unity.


The Messaging

  • The world is in crisis
  • It is our responsibility to arise and unite
  • God is calling us together by tribe
  • Not to leave behind our various identities, but to rediscover what it means to be One Citizenship Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

The Urgency of the 18 month window within the 7 year window

  • The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity
  • Requires that by January 2025... we are ready to execute on the next 5 years... need to be in full scale execution mode to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities at hand.
  • That mandates that within 18 months, we arise and unite to take back the center of our nation... and put it back in service of One and All

The simple Call to Action

  • here is your very simple call to action to join this
    • a call to action for everyone
    • differentiated by audience segmentation
  • step by step very simple choices people can make to become a part of it
    1. sign the ballot petition 2. contribute 3. form a citizen impact group 4. take responsibility for preparing your self, your family, and your coming for the crises and opportunities at hand 5. Play The Game 6. Spread The Word.
  • That results in - SELF-IDENTIFICATION - we are all coming from somewhere. understand that things are not working right. What got us here will not get us there. Without betraying my past, values or beliefs, but rather ON BEHALF OF MY PAST, MY ANCESTORS, MY VALUES, AND MY FUTURE... "I am going to say yes... and self-identify with something higher... and say I would rather believe in a better tomorrow and take responsibility and action... that stand idly by while the world burns"

The mechanics of virality

  • Getting The Message and The Call To Action into a place they go viral
  • From within through invitation and response / hand to hand / word of mouth
  • As well as social media mechanics.

Making the invisible potential visible

  • Through online platforms, the movement will be able to see itself come to life
  • and see the potentials that various decisions it could make could lead to...
  • including seeing the potential, through a gamified simulation like fantasy football or Buckminster Fuller's world game, to see that together we actually have the responsibility, authority, and potential to take back up our rightful inheritance before God and One Another, and co-create The Future we all desire.
  • If you come and play this game wiht us... we will teach you... how you can have impact in this direction... and move in this way...
  • so that if in... a year... we am not getting the movement we need in order to be able to actually move citizens, get the votes, get congress into position...
    • if we don't get it - we will at least still have some form of Movement, Energy, and Potential...
    • An organization
    • A group of connected people committed to the principles and ideals
  • From there - we can reidentify the path forward
  • and proving the case by building momentum inside of the game / movement / community...
  • celebrating successes and milestones and crafting the story...
  • saying this is our measure of success...
  • we are already succeeding...
  • we are not alone we are actually an army...

First Internal Communication...

Hello friends,

Thank you so much for your response to the manifesto and invitation.

Last Week's Outreach

The Aim of my last communication was to identify a smaller and more focused initial group of 6 to 12 committed and honest people who want to be an active part of helping lead and shape The Movement towards the New Vision and Plan.

To separate out this smaller group, I narrowed down my communication list and directly messaged about 40 to 50 people.

I received many heart emojis, "thanks", "wow that is a lot I'll get to it when I have time", "looks like your work is progressing", "let's catch up next week" and "maybe next cohort" responses... zero "no - please remove me from the list of allies"... and affirmative responses or next steps from about 1/4.


So let's celebrate this milestone and initial activation! We have moved from zero to one successfully, and we are now a potent small army who have wrestled with the New Vision and Plan and the proposed pathway of action and are committed to be a part of its unfolding.

Still Too Complex

At the same time, I acknowledge that the language is still far too complex, and the call to action too opaque, to engage all but a select few.

Invitation and Next Steps

I would like to invite you to become a committed leadership force that will help take charge of the message and the Lionsberg Community and Platform, and shape its iteration over time.

I plan to be speaking and broadcasting weekly, and invite your help to mold and shape the messaging, interviews, topics, and calls to action in order to engage and inspire action from a diverse array of people.

To aid in that process next week we will begin shaping the Field of Agreements that will guide our work together towards clearly defined Goals and Objectives, as well as the next iteration of The Message to bring more people in.

This is not going to be a place of abstract exploration, where we continue to say the same thing again and again and hope people activate. We do not have time for that.

It is the beginning of an iterative visionary movement, and each time we iterate we hope to attract a new level of engagement and commitment.

The iterations in messaging will never compromise the unchangeable universal principles, values, or Goal, but will provide ever more simple and clear pathways for a more diverse array of everyday citizens to connect and benefit as the movement grows.

Next Week

Next week we will be meeting on x and y dates for x and y reasons... here is a scheduling link.