The Lionsberg Approach to Citizen Led Governance

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

Table of Contents

0. Introduction to the Lionsberg Approach to Citizen Led Governance

1. Introduction to Citizen Led Governance.

1. Introduction to Citizen Led Governance
1.1. The Lionsberg Vision and Goal
1.2. The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity
1.3. The Need for Fractal Self-Governance

2. The Pattern Language for Citizen Led Governance

2.1. Core Principles of Fractal Self-Governance
2.2. The Structure of a Federated and Decentralized System
2.3. The Role of Voluntary Associations
2.4. Self-Organization from the Bottom Up
2.5. The Pattern for Stewarding the Commons
2.6. The Pattern for Citizen Led Self-Governance
2.7. The Pattern for Voluntarily Organizing and Federating
2.8. The Pattern for Voluntary Tithing and Resource Allocation
2.9 The Pattern for Measuring and Quality and Quantity of Service, and Originating Units of Value
2.10. The Pattern for Exchanging Units of Value in the Lionsberg Federation
2.11. The Pattern for Transforming Towards a Wisdom and Stewardship Based System
2.12. The Pattern for Individual and Local Sovereignty and Universal Citizenship
2.13. The Pattern For Integrated Delivery of Shared Goals and Values

3. Implementing Citizen Led Governance

3.1. Establishing a Shared Vision and Story
3.2. Establishing Universal Principles and Values
3.3. Establishing Universal Citizenship and Belonging
3.4. Building a Network of Voluntary Associations, Groups and Assemblies
3.5. Fostering the Emergence of a Federated and Decentralized Structure
3.6. Encouraging Self-Organization and Adaptability
3.7. Continuously Learning and Improving

4. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement

4.1. Measuring Progress Towards the Shared Vision and Goal
4.2. Stacking Up and Aligning Progress
4.3. Ensuring Accountability and Transparency
4.4. Continuous Improvement through Feedback Loops

5. Citizen Led Governance in Action: Case Studies

5.1. Case Study 1 - An Individual Citizen
5.2. Case Study 2 - A Family
5.3. Case Study 3 - A Citizen Impact Group
5.4. Case Study 4 - A Small Community
5.5. Case Study 5 - A City
5.6. Case Study 6 - A Network of Goodwill
5.7. Case Study 7 - A Network of Citizen Assemblies
5.8. Case Study 8 - A Nation
5.9. Case Study 9 - The Human Species on Planet Earth

6. The Future of Citizen Led Governance

6.1. Overcoming Challenges
6.2. Embracing the 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity
6.3. Co-Creating a New World through Citizen Led Governance

7. Resources and Further Reading

7.1. Lionsberg Pattern Language Resources
7.2. Books and Articles on Citizen Led Governance
7.3. Online Resources and Communities


8.0. Conclusion

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