2.13. The Pattern For Integrated Delivery of Shared Goals and Values

Context: The Lionsberg System aims to create a seamless, efficient, and cohesive system for delivering Value to its participants and the world, while fostering collaboration, shared resources, and mutual support. A major challenge within decentralized governance is ensuring the effective allocation of Resources and delivery of Value while minimizing duplication of efforts and wasted resources. This pattern will provide a framework for integrated delivery, which is crucial for the success of the Lionsberg approach to decentralized citizen-led governance. Decentralization without an Integrated System / Pattern to unite efforts into a Higher Order Functional Unity is a pathway to dysfunction and failure.

Problem: In a decentralized governance system, there is a risk of disjointed efforts, duplicated resources, self-optimization of siloes, and inefficiencies in the delivery of Value. This produces Waste, obstructs Throughput, and hinders the overall growth and development of the community, society, culture, and economy.


  • Need for effective delivery of goods, services, and Value
  • Need for effective allocation of Resources
  • Minimizing duplication of efforts and resources
  • Fostering collaboration and shared resources
  • Ensuring timely and efficient delivery of Value
  • Aligning decentralized efforts with the shared Critical Path towards The Goal
  • Facilitating flourishing and aligned progress at all fractal levels

Solution: Establish a comprehensive pattern and system for integrated delivery within the Lionsberg System:

  1. Map resources and capabilities: Create an inventory of resources, skills, and capabilities within the Lionsberg Federation, to provide a clear understanding of available assets and potential gaps.
  2. Identify shared goals and objectives: Collaboratively determine shared goals and objectives within the Lionsberg Federation, fostering alignment and synergy among participants.
  3. Develop a Critical Path or Critical Chain: Establish a Critical Path or Critical Chain through the total nested hierarchy of goals that informs how the Lionsberg Federation allocates Time, Energy, and Attention, ensuring efforts are focused on the most impactful activities.
  4. Create Throughput of The Goal: Work together as a federation to produce Throughput of The Goal for humanity and the Living System, by consuming the Critical Path and delivering value to the world being served, thus ensuring the prosperity and flourishing of the Lionsberg Federation.
  5. Individual, Local, and Group Quests towards Collective Goals and Values: Throughput is made by groups and localities who continually self-organize and coordinate Projects, or Quests, that collectively stack up and align to consume the Critical Path.
  6. Establish collaborative delivery mechanisms: Design and implement collaborative delivery mechanisms that leverage the strengths of each participant, while minimizing duplication of efforts and resources, and avoiding over-specialization.
  7. Coordinated planning and execution: Foster a culture of coordinated planning and execution to ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods and services, while continuously evaluating and refining the delivery processes.
  8. Monitor and evaluate performance: Regularly assess the performance of integrated delivery systems, identifying areas of improvement and opportunities for innovation.
  9. Adaptive learning and improvement: Promote a culture of learning and continuous improvement, adapting the integrated delivery processes based on feedback, performance metrics, and changing needs.
  10. Foster a culture of reciprocity and shared responsibility: Encourage participants to contribute to and benefit from the integrated delivery system, nurturing a culture of reciprocity, shared responsibility, and mutual support.

Resulting Context: A seamless, efficient, and cohesive system for delivering goods, services, and Value within the Lionsberg Federation that minimizes duplication of efforts, fosters collaboration and shared resources, and ensures timely and efficient Throughput of the Critical Path that marks the Way towards The Goal. The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System empowers participants to work together in achieving common goals while nurturing a culture of reciprocity, shared responsibility, and mutual support, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the Lionsberg approach to decentralized citizen-led governance as a means to co-creating the New World. By aligning efforts towards creating Throughput of the Critical Path towards The Goal, the Lionsberg Federation renders the highest possible Quality and Quantity of Service to humanity and the Living System, fostering flourishing both within the federation and the world at large.

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