2.2. The Structure of a Federated and Decentralized System

The Lionsberg model is based on a federated and decentralized system that ensures local Sovereignty and Autonomy while providing infrastructure, support and resources at higher levels of abstraction. This structure is composed of the following elements:

  • Individual Assemblies: Individual citizens who rediscover their own responsibility, authority, and agency, and integrate themselves to make personal decisions that advance their Domains of Responsibility and Authority towards The Goal.
  • Family Assemblies: Family units that come together to dialogue and make shared decisions on family issues.
  • Citizen Impact Groups: Small groups of citizens that come together to dialogue, meet needs, solve problems, and accomplish goals.
  • Organizational Assemblies: Citizens that assemble into formal organizations to meet needs, solve problems, and accomplish goals.
  • Community Assemblies: Groups of citizens that come together to discuss, debate, and make decisions on community issues.
  • Bioregional Assemblies: Larger assemblies that bring together localities and the voice of nature into an integrated decision making and self-governance process.
  • Regional Assemblies: Larger assemblies that coordinate and support local and bioregional assemblies within a specific geographic region.
  • National Assemblies: Bodies that represent regional assemblies at the national level, facilitating collaboration and resource-sharing at scale.
  • Global Assembly: An overarching and uniting assembly that connects national assemblies and provides a platform for sharing wisdom and knowledge, addressing global challenges and opportunities, and navigating collectively towards shared goals and values, without encroaching on individual or local Sovereignty and Autonomy.
  • Universal Assembly: The highest level of abstraction, representing relationships between God, the Living System, humanity as an emergent multi-planetary species, and other civilizations or forms of life as they come to be known.

Each level of abstraction in the system serves as an enabling and supporting structure for the levels below, fostering collaboration, sharing resources, and providing guidance while maintaining autonomy and self-governance at each fractal level.