1.1. The Lionsberg Vision and Goal

The Lionsberg Vision is a world where individuals and communities work together with a shared sense of purpose and values to co-create a just, regenerative, and flourishing society and world. The goal is to empower citizens to actively participate in the process of individual, local, and collective transformative self-governance, fostering a distributed sense of collective responsibility and agency.

To achieve this vision, the Lionsberg model focuses on the following objectives:

  • Encouraging civic engagement and active participation in decision-making processes that shape our lives and our world
  • Building robust networks of voluntary associations and citizen assemblies that facilitate collaboration and shared learning
  • Developing a federated and decentralized system that allows for flexibility, adaptability, and self-organization in pursuit of shared goals and values
  • Creating a pattern language for Fractal Self-Governance, which serves as a foundation for evolving communities
  • Affording the higher level functional unity and shared infrastructure, resources, and support required for the decentralized array to flourish and succeed

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