5.9. Case Study 9 - The Human Species on Planet Earth

The human species collectively adopts a Citizen Led Governance model, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and the need for both local and collective action to address global challenges. Through collaboration, innovation, and shared learning, humanity works together to create a more just, regenerative, and resilient world for future generations. By adopting the Lionsberg System from the bottom up through voluntary Citizen Led groups, the corrupt structures are bypassed through voluntary citizen action, and within a decade 97% of Citizens on Earth are engaged in voluntary Citizen Led self-governance. This evolutionary and voluntary approach protects and preserves the best features, benefits, associations, and citizenships of the Old Systems, while affording the transformational potential to co-operate across the borders that divided humanity in the past. As a result, within 10 years every Citizen on Earth has access to world-class systems of lifelong learning and individual, organizational, community, and environmental development and regeneration, allowing all elements of the human system to help one another rise towards their potential and flourish in harmony.

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