Join The Platform

"Join The Platform" is a crucial call to action for Citizens eager to actively participate in the global effort to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and co-create the New World. By joining the Lionsberg Platform, individuals will connect with a diverse and unified network of like-minded people dedicated to tackling the challenges of our time and building a better future for all.

The Lionsberg Platform is a virtual hub designed to facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and mutual support among Citizens engaged in The Movement. As a member, you'll gain access to valuable tools, resources, and opportunities, allowing you to contribute your unique skills, knowledge, and passion to the collective mission.

Becoming a part of the Lionsberg Platform not only empowers you to make a meaningful impact on the world but also enables you to grow personally and professionally, as you collaborate with others, develop new skills, and gain insights from the global community.

The Lionsberg Platform is invitation only for now so we can manage the quality and rate of growth. To request access to the Lionsberg Platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Read the Lionsberg Manifesto
  2. Fill out the Manifesto Response Form
  3. On the Manifesto Response Form, click "yes" to joining the platform to request an invitation code

From there, we will add you to the onboarding queue and send you a invitation code when The Platform is ready to welcome you in. The Platform is open to contributing Participants and Members.

As you become an active member of the Lionsberg Community and Platform, you'll play a vital role in the co-creation of the New World, working alongside fellow Citizens in the pursuit of a more just, regenerative, and thriving future for all.