In the context of the Lionsberg System, "Members" are individuals who have made a commitment to the shared Vision, Goals, and Values and have taken on specific rights and responsibilities within the system. Members are a step beyond Participants, who are actively working together towards the shared Vision but may not have made the same level of commitment.

Membership in the Lionsberg System entails a deeper level of engagement, accountability, and responsibility. Members are expected to actively contribute their skills, knowledge, and expertise to help advance the collective progress towards the shared Vision. They also commit to adhering to the agreed-upon Values, Principles, and Processes that guide the community's actions and decisions.

Members have certain rights within the system, including the right to participate in decision-making processes, access to resources and support, and opportunities for learning and growth. In return, they are expected to uphold their responsibilities and commitments to the community, including following through on tasks, participating in collective decision-making, and continuously working to improve their own practices and processes in alignment with the shared Vision and Goals.

The Lionsberg System encourages Members to take on greater levels of responsibility and stewardship over time, with the ultimate aim of becoming Citizens and Stewards. As Members demonstrate their commitment to the shared Vision and their ability to effectively contribute to the community's progress, they may be invited to assume higher levels of responsibility and leadership within the system.

Membership is an important step in the journey towards more meaningful participation, responsibility, and stewardship in the Lionsberg System. Members help form the backbone of the community, playing a crucial role in driving the collective progress towards the New World envisioned in the New Vision and Plan.