In the context of the Lionsberg System, "Objectives" refer to the specific, measurable, and time-bound Goals that guide our collective efforts in pursuit of the New World. Objectives are derived from the New Vision and Plan, which outlines the broader Principles and Values that serve as the foundation for our shared Vision.

Objectives help Co-Creators to:

  1. Focus their energies and resources on the most critical and impactful areas of work.
  2. Establish clear and attainable targets that can be used to measure progress and evaluate success.
  3. Align their individual and collective actions with the broader goals and priorities of the Lionsberg System and the New Vision and Plan.
  4. Communicate effectively about the desired outcomes and expectations of their efforts.
  5. Foster a sense of shared purpose and commitment to achieving tangible results.

By defining and pursuing clear Objectives, Co-Creators can work more efficiently and effectively towards the realization of The Goal. This goal-oriented approach helps to ensure that our collective efforts are channeled towards the highest impact initiatives, allowing us to make steady progress on our journey to Cross The Chasm and create a better future for all living beings.

As discussed in A Way Beyond Fear, Anxiety, And Depression and other places, it also sets up the ability for optimal positive emotion, resilience and sustaining Meaning as we progress through The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity and Beyond.