The Great Transformation

The Great Transformation represents the massive shift in human consciousness, culture, society, and economic systems required to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and co-create the New World. This pivotal transformation is the natural outcome of the corruption and failure of the Old Systems, as well as the voluntary and aspirational movement of people of Goodwill around the world. The Movement and Transformation carries humanity away from a fragmented, unsustainable, and unjust world towards a reunified, regenerative, and flourishing one that works for all generations of life.

Key aspects of The Great Transformation include:

  1. Shifting Paradigms: Embracing new ways of thinking and understanding the world, based on the interconnectedness of all life, the importance of collaboration, and the recognition that the well-being of individuals, communities, and ecosystems are intrinsically linked.

  2. Personal Transformation: Encouraging individuals to internalize and embody the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values, engage in holistic spiritual, mental, and physical development, cultivate a growth mindset, and foster personal resilience, adaptability, and empathy.

  3. Cultural Transformation: Building a culture that values diversity, compassion, and wisdom, supports collective learning and collaboration, and prioritizes the health, well-being, and right relationship of all beings and ecosystems with one another and their Source.

  4. Social Transformation: Redefining societal values and norms to prioritize diverse unity, regeneration, and stewardship, fostering loving and just connections and collaborations between individuals, communities, and institutions to address the challenges of the Meta Crisis.

  5. Economic Transformation: Transitioning from extractive, exploitative, and growth-at-all-costs models to regenerative, circular, and just economic systems that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet around the world and across multiple generations.

  6. Institutional Transformation: Reimagining and redesigning institutions and systems of governance to be more participatory, transparent, accountable, and aligned with the values and objectives of the New Vision and Plan.

By successfully navigating through The Great Transformation, Citizens can work together to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and co-create a brighter, more flourishing future for All.