Chapter 27 - Recognizing Positive Pathways - The Total Nested Hierarchy of Opportunities


If the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues is our comprehensive diagnostic tool, the Total Nested Hierarchy of Opportunities is our hope-infused map of the terrain we can traverse. Within every issue lies a hidden opportunity for transformation, and it is essential to be as diligent in recognizing these positive pathways as we are in identifying the problems they counteract. This chapter, working in synergy with the 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, aims to shed light on these multi-layered opportunities awaiting discovery and exploration.

The Importance of Identifying Opportunities

It's easy to become weighed down by the sheer magnitude of the challenges we face. However, the potential for Divine-inspired societal transformation is equally vast. This balance between challenges and opportunities is a crucial dimension of any robust strategy aimed at effective systemic change.

The Meta Opportunity - Reconnection with the Divine

Just as the disconnection from the Divine was identified as the Meta Issue in our hierarchy of challenges, reconnection to the Divine stands as the Meta Opportunity. This higher alignment not only redresses the root cause of systemic problems but also opens a floodgate of subsequent opportunities in all other tiers. It is the One Thing that makes all other things possible. This reconnection to and At-One-Ment with the Creator, mediated by the Spirit of God, is the essence of the New Covenant.

Tiers of Exploration

Tier 1: Spiritual and Philosophical Enlightenment

At this tier, opportunities arise from a collective and individual awakening to Divine wisdom, principles, and values as a result of direct personal relationships with God. By realigning our worldviews, behaviors, and systems with these eternal truths, we create the foundation for all other positive pathways.

Tier 2: Elevating the Human Condition

Here we find opportunities for significantly improving the quality of human life through advancements in health, technology, education, and the fostering of a more enlightened global culture.

Tier 3: Harmony in Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics

At this tier, opportunities for psychological growth, better communication, and interpersonal harmony present themselves. These changes contribute to familial and societal cohesion and the enhancement of collective well-being.

Tier 4: Community Revitalization

Local problems often conceal localized opportunities for innovation and resilience. These opportunities can serve as test-beds for scalable solutions.

Tier 5: Systemic Innovation

The systemic opportunities reside in the reform or transformation of institutions, policies, and procedures that govern collective behavior, leading to more regenerative, just, and effective systems.

Tier 6: Societal Harmony

On this broader scale, we look at opportunities to establish peace, prosperity, and justice on a global level, a reality that is increasingly attainable through global collaboration guided by the Spirit of God and enabled by advanced technology.

Tier 7: Ecological Regeneration

This tier focuses on opportunities to realign the Human and Living Systems to continually regenerate natural systems, thereby enabling sustainable life for all of Earth's inhabitants, human and non-human alike.

The Confluence of Opportunities and Goals

As we prepare to transition into the next chapter, it's crucial to understand that both issues and opportunities are the fertile ground upon which our goals will be planted. The Lionsberg System serves as the mechanism by which these goals can then be subsequently "pulled" into reality. The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals will not only articulate what those objectives are but also detail how they align with Divine Principles and the 12 Pillars of Lionsberg. This next step will take us further from the theoretical to the practical, from analysis to action.


Identifying opportunities is not just an exercise in optimism; it's a strategic imperative for the positive transformation of society in alignment with Divine Principles. Through the lens of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Opportunities, we gain a 360-degree view of the latent potential embedded within our challenges and the positive presenting pathways. As we pivot to the next chapter, we shall see how these identified opportunities converge into actionable goals, setting the stage for the Lionsberg Blueprint to come to life, ultimately contributing to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.