Chapter 28 - Mapping Solutions and Objectives - The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals


Having laid the groundwork with our foundational understanding of the New Covenant, our Work Breakdown Structure - The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, our comprehensive diagnostic tool—the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues, and our hope-infused map—the Total Nested Hierarchy of Opportunities—we now arrive at the critical phase of setting specific Goals that can be progressively realized through collaborative action. These goals will serve as actionable Commitments that aim to pull into reality the Divine-guided transformation we seek. Synthesized within the framework of The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals will translate our enlightened understanding into actionable objectives.

The Inevitability of Divine Purpose

The Divine inspiration guiding this endeavor brings an element of inevitability to our Goals. If aligned correctly with Divine Principles, these goals aren't merely ambitions; they are ordained destinies waiting to be manifested on Earth, as they are in Heaven.

The Essence of Goal-Setting in the Divine Context

In a Divine context, goals are not arbitrary targets; they are the discernible nodes where Divine will intersects with Co-Creative human action. They are the actionable commitments that translate a higher vision into earthly reality. Thus, they represent a unique form of co-creation where human agency aligns with Divine Principles to bring forth transformation.

The Meta Goal - Reestablishing Divine Symphony

Just as the reconnection with the Divine stands as the Meta Opportunity, so does the establishment of the Divine Symphony - the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven, serve as the Meta Goal. This ultimate objective entails restoring a proper relationship between Creator, humanity, and All Creation.

The Role of The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg

Each of the 12 Pillars serves as a structural element that helps to translate the higher-order goals into specific, actionable, and interlinked Commitments. While this chapter won't detail the goals for each pillar, it's vital to understand that each pillar will have its own nested hierarchy of goals, tied to milestones and objectives that guide collective action. This ensures that every aspect of human endeavor can be aligned with the Meta Goal and thus with the Divine.

The Mechanics of Implementation: The Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure

With our goals articulated and aligned with the Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure, it becomes possible to "pull" them into reality through the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System. This highly detailed System, Process, and Plan outlines the actions, resources, timelines, and responsibilities that must be managed to achieve each goal, ensuring alignment at each stage with the Divine Principles.

Transparency and Adaptability

Given the complex and dynamic nature of the challenges and opportunities we face, our strategy must remain flexible and adaptable. Continuous feedback loops will ensure that our approach can evolve, without deviating from the Divine Principles that guide us.


The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals is the actionable kernel of our enlightened strategy, integrating the analyses of our challenges and opportunities into a robust, actionable plan for Divine-guided transformation. As we proceed to execute these objectives, we hold fast to our Meta Goal: the manifestation of the Divine Symphony, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

By aligning our collective will with Creator's Will, we mobilize the Lionsberg Blueprint into actionable stages, thereby operationalizing the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.