Chapter 10 - The Dawn of the New Era - From Disintegration to Rebirth


As we move from the shadows of disintegration and fragmented worldviews into the dawning Light of an unprecedented New Era, we are heralded by the clarion call of the New Covenant—mediated by the Spirit of God as our Ultimate Guide towards spiritual, moral, social, and ecological harmony. This chapter endeavors to illuminate the roadmap for the transition to this nascent Era, delineating actionable pathways, challenges, and the paradigm shifts that beckon us toward a life inextricably aligned with the Spirit and Kingdom of God.

The Phases of Transformation: A Schema for Metamorphosis

The transition into the New Era will not be instantaneous; it will proceed through distinct phases each marked by its own challenges, milestones, and requisite shifts in structure and consciousness.

  1. Awakening: A critical mass of individuals undergoes a spiritual awakening, recognizing the Divine with, our interexistence as One Family of God, and the dire need for simultaneous transformation in our internal and external worlds.

  2. Disruption: The awakening engenders a disruption of the status quo, shaking the foundations of corrupt institutions, archaic belief systems, and propagandized ideologies.

  3. Reconfiguration: Out of the dissolution of the Old, a phase of collective reimagining and redesigning, guided by Divine Principles, shapes the architecture and Divine Blueprint of new societal systems.

  4. Manifestation: The actualization phase where new institutions, technologies, and social orders manifest, a period of transcending, strengthening, and rebuilding sustained and informed by spiritual insight and moral courage.

  5. Synchronization: An ongoing phase of fine-tuning, where the social and material world continues to evolve and adapt into More Perfect Alignment with the Divine Intention for a More Perfection Union.

  6. Passing The Flame: Finally, a perpetual phase of cultivating and strengthening the Flame of the New Covenant and New Way of Being, and passing it on to Future Generations.

This process of transformation can be likened unto the metamorphosis that so many creatures in Nature, like the butterfly emerge through. When humanity finally grows tired of crawling through the dirt and mud of conflict, bloodshed, ignorance, and endarkenment, it can feel the call within, attend and respond, climb the Sacred Mountain, lay down and dissolve the Old, and be reborn into the fullness and glory of what it was originally created to be, a reflection of the Image of God.

In the kind of Quantum Phase Shift we are invited to progress through, it is unlikely to manifest as a clean, predictable linear process. Rather, pressure is likely to continue to build and the systems are likely to continue to crack and wobble until it is obvious that transcendence is the only Way forward, and we collectively and rapidly 'leap' into the Higher Order State of Being.

The Pillars of the New Era

The New Era is sustained by pillars that are essentially the applied aspects of the New Covenant's principles.

Just as the pragmatic mind, body, and wings of the butterfly must actually and pragmatically be built according to the Divine Blueprint, so too must we consciously Co-Create the structures and pillars of the New Era.

While they could be expressed in thousands of different ways, The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, discussed more full elsewhere in the Blueprint, aim to provide a pragmatic and actionable guide for implementation of the essentials and main organ systems that allow our New Life to function and flourish.

The pillars are:

  1. Spiritual and Philosophical Flourishing

  2. Self Governance and Civic Engagement

  3. Economic Justice and Transformation

  4. Holistic Education and Lifelong Learning

  5. Holistic Health and Integrated Wellness

  6. Regenerative Agriculture and Supply Chains

  7. Abundant Clean Energy

  8. Artistic and Cultural Enrichment

  9. Inspiring Built Environment

  10. Peace, Security, Strength, and Social Harmony

  11. Scientific and Technological Wisdom

  12. Environmental Stewardship and Regenerativity

The Challenges and Imperatives

  1. Combatting Spiritual Apathy: In a world inundated by materialism, reviving genuine and fully engaged spiritual pursuit is paramount.

  2. Overcoming Institutional Inertia: Many existing systems resist change; transforming or transcending them is a Herculean task that requires Divine Guidance and Miraculous intervention.

  3. Navigating Complex Systems: As society becomes more interconnected with itself and the Living System, the complexity of implementing systemic changes increases exponentially.

  4. Ethical Quandaries: New ideas, realities, and technologies present ethical challenges that can only be navigated through Wisdom, Discernment, and a steadfast commitment to Divine Principles.

  5. Spiritual War: We cannot be naive to the reality that we were born into a Spiritual War for the Future of Life and Society. As the spiritual awakening progresses and more and more people, tribes, and nations arise, unite, and embark on the Quest towards the New, we must be prepared to fight and win the battles not only in the Spiritual Realm, but also in the physical realm should some of the battles spill over.

Instruments of Transformation

The realization of the New Era requires tools and mechanisms for its manifestation:

  1. Collective Wisdom: Leveraging the collective intelligence of humanity through dialogues, councils, citizen assemblies, and co-creative platforms.

  2. Transcendent Technologies: Using technology to transcend limitations and unite and empower the Force For Good around the world, while ensuring it remains aligned with the spiritual, social and ecological principles of the New Covenant.

  3. Sacred Activism: Mobilizing, connecting, and empowering spiritually awakened individuals for effective, Spirit-Led action in the world.

  4. Art and Culture: Utilizing the arts to reflect and propagate the Divine, influencing societal norms and attitudes, and helping to establish the cultural processes and practices that both inaugurate and sustain the New Era.

  5. A New Operating System: Co-Operating in a New Way requires the pragmatic systems, processes, and technologies of a New Operating System for humanity. The Lionsberg System has been created as a starting point and Blueprint.

Conclusion: The Symphony of Rebirth

The Dawn of the New Era is akin to the orchestration of a cosmic symphony, each individual, community, and institution a unique instrument in the hands of the Divine Conductor. Though we face a multitude of challenges, we are imbued with a Divine Imperative to proceed, trusting in the unfolding Divine Plan.

As we conclude Part I, let us shift our hearts and minds towards action and embodiment. In Part II the tension will continue to build as we discuss the mandate for a New System and Approach. From there we will progress towards the Foundations and Pillars of Lionsberg in Part III, before moving from Ideation into Action in Part IV. Each word and line of this Blueprint is meant not to achieve mere intellectual assent, but to guide and impel us together towards wise and unified action, implementation, and embodiment of the New Covenant.

As we advance, may each note we play in this grand Symphony of Rebirth resonate with the eternal frequencies of Love, Wisdom, and Justice. In doing so, we don't merely witness the New Dawn; we become the New Dawn—arising, Uniting As One, and ushering in a New Era that reflects the ineffable beauty and perfection of the Divine Kingdom, on Earth as it is in Heaven.