Chapter 23 - The Lionsberg Approach - Citizen-Led Transformation - An Ark and Bridge Beyond the Failing Systems of the Old World


In the same manner that an ark serves as a sanctuary during a flood and a bridge connects disparate lands, the Lionsberg System and Approach represents both an ark and a bridge towards the New Vision and Plan. It serves as a refuge for the inhabitants of a world drowning in systemic failures, and as a conduit providing a pathway for The Movement FROM the Old TO the New. It is a way to traverse The Chasm between a faltering society entrenched in outdated modes of thinking, and a Future that calls for spiritual transformation, elevated consciousness and harmonized action.

Citizen-Led Transformation

At the heart of the Lionsberg Approach is the conviction that transformation must be a collective endeavor, arising from the bottom up as a groundswell, and led by Sovereign Citizens themselves. By connecting and empowering individuals, groups, and localities with actionable Wisdom, Divine Principles, and Pragmatic Systems and Tools, we aim to catalyze and cultivate organic change, from the mustard seeds of Faith, to grassroots emergence, to harmonized global transformation.

The Role of Subsidiarity

Subsidiarity, the principle that decision-making should occur at the most local level that is feasible and effective, is a foundational aspect of citizen-led transformation. This allows for agility, customization, and the unleashing of localized Wisdom, which can then scale upward to inform broader systemic changes and collective Progress towards The Goal.

The Ark: A Sanctuary from Failing Systems

As an ark, the Lionsberg Approach offers an alternative framework, an antidote to the toxic and failing systems that pervade the current age. It functions as a 'safe space' in which to experiment with new paradigms, sheltering transformative initiatives from the adverse currents of a world resistant to change. It further aims to serve as a safe transition vehicle from Old to New, forged in advance of the flood, and capable of enabling humanity to survive the storms ahead.

Nurturing the Seeds of the New World

Within this ark, "seeds" of the new paradigm are nurtured, planted, and cultivated. These seeds are the innovative solutions, spiritual discernments, and social technologies birthed by enlightened citizenry. They grow in the fertile soil of the Lionsberg ecosystem, protected until they are strong enough to flourish in the broader world.

The Bridge: Linking Old and New Paradigms

The Lionsberg Approach also acts as a bridge, providing a structured Path for society to transition from an Old to a New state of being. Its role is to preserve and harmonize the best elements of the past with emergent understandings of the Creator's Intent, embodying an ongoing synthesis between tradition and innovation as humanity progress together towards the New Era.

The Ephemeral and the Eternal

The bridge recognizes both the ephemeral nature of human-made systems and the eternal Wisdom and Truth that underpins existence. It serves as a conduit for channeling these timeless Principles into the practical reimagination, redesign, and rebuild of of social, economic, and political architectures.


The Lionsberg Approach, in its dual role as ark and bridge, serves humanity's immediate needs for sanctuary and transformation while also providing a path to a more luminous future. It is a vehicle for citizen-led change, underpinned by spiritual discernment and empowered by a living corpus of Wisdom. Through this citizen-led, Divine-guided approach, we can navigate beyond the failing systems of the old world and move confidently toward the realization of the Creator’s Intent, participating in the progressive establishment of the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.