Chapter 1 - The State of the World - The Meta Crisis and the Crossroads of History


As we find ourselves ensconced in the tumultuous tides of the 21st century and the opening of a New Millennium, a formidable array of crises confronts and threatens humanity and our Living System. Yet, these challenges should not be viewed in isolation but as symptoms of a greater, overarching dilemma: the Meta Crisis. This crisis is not just material but spiritual, not just political but ontological. As stewards of Earth and co-inhabitants of this reality, we find ourselves at a historical crossroads that has far-reaching consequences, both temporal and eternal. This chapter aims to dissect this Meta Crisis and to provide a multi-layered understanding that integrates spiritual, psychological, sociopolitical, and ecological perspectives.

The Crises We Face: A Few Highlights

Systemic Injustice and Corruption

From authoritarian bureaucracies suppressing individual freedoms, to flawed judicial systems that perpetuate inequality and pervert justice, to Chaos that threatens the order, integrity, and coherence of our Society, to capital and corporations that corrupt political classes and processes, systemic injustice and corruption are ubiquitous. The chasm and opportunity gap between the elites and the marginalized masses continues to widen, undermining the Divine Principles of Justice and Stewardship, and giving rise to populist movements on the Left and Right.

Socioeconomic Disparities

The promise of a world rooted in liberty, justice, and equality for All remains elusive as billions languish in poverty, without access to basic resources such as food, clean water, shelter, energy, healthcare and education. This contradicts the universal principles of divine stewardship and justice.

Ecological Collapse

Humanity's reckless exploitation of the Earth we depend on for every breath and heartbeat has pushed our planet to the brink of ecological collapse. This ongoing Ecocide not only challenges our material survival but mocks the divine mandate for stewardship of the Earth.

Loss of Spiritual and Ethical Guiding Principles

Perhaps the most elusive yet potent aspect of the Meta Crisis is the widespread erosion of spiritual Vision, Values, and Ethical Guiding Principles. Societies are increasingly driven by materialism and immediate gratification, estranged from the spiritual tenets that once grounded them. Without a uniting Vision, we are perishing, and dragging down society and the Living System with us.

The Interconnected Nature of Crises

These crises do not exist in isolation; they are interconnected in a complex web that perpetuates and amplifies each individual crisis. For example, systemic corruption fosters socioeconomic disparities, which in turn exacerbate ecological exploitation. Meanwhile, the loss of spiritual grounding creates a moral vacuum that further enables the unethical human behaviors and ways of being that these crises ultimately arise from.

Tracing Back to Root Causes

At the root of this labyrinthine Meta Crisis lie certain fundamental deviations from the Creator's Intent in our Way of Being as a human species upon Planet Earth—primarily greed, fear, ignorance, and the loss of our Sacred and Unifying connection to Nature, One Another, and the Divine. This crisis is therefore not merely systemic but cosmological and existential, requiring a Meta Solution that is as Deep and expansive as the Meta Crisis it aims to solve.

The Crossroads of History

We stand at a pivotal moment in time where our collective choices will dictate the trajectory of human history, likely for centuries to come. The two paths before us are clear: continue down the perilous path of moral failing, spiritual endarkenment, and destruction or embrace the possibility of a harmonious, Divine existence on Earth. At this crossroads, mere reform is inadequate; what is demanded is nothing short of a comprehensive spiritual and systemic revolution.

Spiritual and Philosophical Foundations for Understanding the Crisis

A deep understanding of the Meta Crisis necessitates a multi-dimensional perspective that incorporates both spiritual wisdom and intellectual discernment. From the Biblical prophecies to the tenets of Eastern philosophies and Indigenous Wisdom, each offers invaluable insights into the nature and solutions to the Meta Crisis, while pointing us towards the Universal and Eternal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and ecosystems to flourish in harmony.


The Meta Crisis we face is a complex, multi-faceted dilemma that requires a comprehensive, integrated solution. As we stand at this historical and spiritual crossroads, the choice is ours to make: do we succumb to the looming catastrophes and deceit of fear-mongering politicians, false prophets, and wolves, or do we align with the Creator's Intent and Divine Principles to usher in an unprecedented New Era of human and ecological harmony and flourishing? This is not merely a question for philosophers, politicians, or theologians—it is the defining question for every living being at this critical juncture in history. The decision cannot be made from above - the spiritual war we find our Selves in must first be won in the heart, soul, and spirit of every individual being. For it is only a true inner spiritual transformation of consciousness and paradigm that can naturally and spontaneously bring forth the New thoughts, words, and behaviors that align with the Creator's Intent, and thereby regenerate and renew the Earth.

As we transition to subsequent chapters, we will delve deeper into aspects of the Meta Crisis. More importantly, we will explore the principles, strategies, and actions necessary to navigate from this crisis to towards a massive, positive, and good Meta Solution and Meta Project that aligns with and progressively manifests Creator's Intent—on Earth as it is in Heaven.