Chapter 16 - The Genesis of Lionsberg - Co-Creating What Did Not Exist


Faced with the existential challenges and moral imperatives of our time, the search for existing institutions capable of fully confronting and overcoming the Meta Crisis and manifesting the Creator's Intent on Earth within the timeframes required proved fruitless. It became apparent that the transformation required could not be borne solely by reforming existing systems, which would move much too slowly and be plagued by the various forms of inertia and provincial challenges common to all.

From our background in large scale infrastructure projects too monumental for any one organization to accomplish in isolation, and from the timeless understanding that New Wine cannot be poured into Old Wineskins, lest they burst and both be ruined, it was discerned that a New Wineskin - a New Framework and Structure - would be required for the fresh outpouring of the Spirit calling us up into an unprecedented joint venture to Co-Create a New Era.

From this pragmatic necessity was forged the imperative to discern, design, and build a New System and Structure, as small as a mustard seed, but with the right DNA, such that it had the Potential to grow into a mighty forest in which all the creatures of the Earth could find shelter and abundance.

Thus was born the concept of what would eventually be called Lionsberg—a novel System, Structure, and Approach deliberately architected to actualize the Divine Blueprint and empower humanity to Progressively Realize The Goal of Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Inception: A Spark of Divine Inspiration

The genesis of Lionsberg was not a human invention; it was a co-creative act stemming from Divine Inspiration. The initial spark came not from the intellect but from moments of spiritual clarity, where the eternal met the temporal and engendered a Vision of what could and should be.

A Tabula Rasa: Starting with a Clean Slate

Recognizing the inherent limitations and intrinsic corruption in existing institutions, Lionsberg was conceptualized as a tabula rasa - a clean slate - a New Wineskin, functioning freely and independently beyond every existing system, institution, and structure on Earth. This allowed for the unfettered design of a system and gathering place that might serve as a living embodiment of Divine Principles, free from the constraints and compromises that hamper current systems.

The Design Process: Drawing from the Divine Blueprint

The architecture of Lionsberg was not left to chance or human caprice. It was a disciplined, prayerful, multi-year process of translating the Divine Blueprint into operational terms with an abundance of wise advisors. Utilizing a holistic approach, it considered not just the immediate practical needs but also the eternal spiritual principles that must guide its construction and functioning across the generations and millennia should God will it to be so.

The Governance: An Aspirational Higher-Order Functional Unity

Lionsberg's governance model was created to reflect Divine Order—a Higher-Order Functional Unity actually capable of confronting and overcoming the Chaos of the Meta Crisis and forging from its ashes a Higher Order. It is a self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating entity, orchestrated to enable collective wisdom, distribute responsibility and authority justly, and ensure moral and spiritual integrity.

The Milestones: Small Steps Leading to a Giant Leap

Recognizing that moving mountains begins with Faith as small as a mustard seed, Lionsberg recognizes the need for humble beginnings and incremental progress. It started as a Revelation, found its Way into Progressive Articulation in words, which coalesced an array of advisors and attracted a nucleus of committed individuals, who forged the Foundational Systems and Structures, with the Aim of growing into a global movement FROM the Old TO the New. Through a series of thoughtfully planned milestones, each small step of Progress serves as a foundation for the next, continually guided by the Divine Intention and Plan, as best we can humbly discern, understand, and follow it.

## Mitigating Challenges and Trials through Divine Partnership: Strategies Against Entropy

The road to realizing Lionsberg's vision is fraught with challenges—from the complexities of coalescing a movement from scratch, to articulating and resourcing an unprecedented process, to countering the inertia of existing systems that resist its rise, to winning the Spiritual War that is raging over the collective soul. However, guided by the Wisdom of the Spirit as best we can discern it, we have laid out strategies to overcome these challenges. The primary mitigation strategy is remaining anchored in the Spirit of God and reliant on our partnership with God, Who will provide the necessary discernment, resilience, and inspiration to navigate through adversity and reach the Land of Promise.

Conclusion: The Future Awaits its Creators

The birth of Lionsberg aims not at the inception of another new institution; it aims towards seismic shift in human and spiritual evolution. In co-creating Lionsberg, we are not just building an organization; we are endeavoring to participate in Divine Co-Creation itself, aligning our wills and actions with the Creator's Intent to the very best of our ability, to bring forth, cultivate, and empower only that which is in service to the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All. The future awaits its Co-Creators, and in taking this unprecedented step, we become pioneers of a New Era, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

For a deeper dive into inception, feel free to explore the Jordan's Short Story and Lionsberg Trust Manifesto.