Lionsberg Trust Manifesto

Updated April 2024

This document serves as a provisional "Trust Manifesto" in response to requests from the emerging community. It aims to establish a comprehensive source of information addressing the core questions people have when encountering something new. For additional information, see also Frequently Asked Questions.

This document is a Work In Progress, and ties into Lionsberg History and Inception.


Lionsberg symbolizes the New World we are co-creating, the Community nurturing it, and the System bringing our shared Vision into Reality.

The Meta Project describes the all-encompassing Program of Action required for humanity to progressively realize the New Vision and Plan.

Source Idea

Jordan Nicholas Sukut is the primary steward of the Source Idea and Central Animating Spirit of Lionsberg, supported by dozens of co-creators over the last several years.

Genesis of the Source Idea

Jordan's pursuit of this Idea and Ideal began at a young age. The Source Idea is rooted in the Spiritual Quest back towards Unity through Love, seeking to partner with the Creator, humanity, and all creation to progressively realize the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All - On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

From as early as he can remember, Jordan was aware that during his lifetime the systems and structures of the world would shake, and that we would be caught up into something like a battle for the future of life and society on Earth.

He began talking about these ideas at 10 or 12, and by 14 years old was united with his love Caity in this shared Mission.

He prepared for this calling by taking on as much responsibility as anyone would entrust him with, leading to an early career bringing Intention Into Reality on large scale construction sites. Jordan's background in heavy civil infrastructure provided him with valuable experience in understanding the concept of Designer's Intent and the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals it implies, analyzing existing forces and conditions, and organizing the people, resources, and organizations required to transform the physical world and bring Intention Into Reality.

After ~15 years of training on projects and portfolios of increasing complexity, in 2016 and 2017, Jordan began discussing the concept of an overarching and uniting Meta Project to Progressively Realize the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth with a small circle of collaborators, and conceptualizing a strategy, platform, and plan of action big enough that it might work to transform our lives and our world within a single generation.

Foundation of Lionsberg

Unable to identify any existing organization or institution that if driven to its logical end would accomplish The Goal, and remembering that New Wine requires New Wineskins, Jordan and his allies determined that a New Vision, Platform, Strategy and Plan were required.

After years of legal, governance, and organizational research with dozens of advisors looking at experiments around the world such as Mondragon, this eventually led to the founding of Lionsberg. After establishing its identity and sovereignty beyond the existing power structures of the world, the Lionsberg Provisional Structure was incarnated in the United States as a starting point and approved by the IRS in 2019. It was then used to fund the co-creation of the Lionsberg Platform between 2020 and 2023 as dialogue and preparation around the Meta Project continued.

Lionsberg was purpose-built with the sole intention of manifesting the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, or Creator's Intent, On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

Corruption and Injustice

In 2019, Jordan and his family faced a significant ordeal when his naïveté clashed with corrupt power structures within church and state on two infrastructure and building projects. This confrontation resulted in the eventual loss of his home, wealth, companies, and many relationships by 2021. Jordan's on the record recap of events with the government can found in the Federal Civil Rights and Corruption Case, with additional narrative in Pass The Flame - Illuminating the Way Beyond the Meta Crisis.

This betrayal liberated Jordan to focus full time on navigating his family through the Collapse of their Old World, subsequent journey through the underworld, and reemergence.

The Reemergence of Lionsberg and the Meta Project

By early 2022, Jordan and his family were recovering, the dust was settling from the destruction of the previous season, and the necessary technological backbone and network was developed enough to commence the social experiment and begin learning how to more formally convene and test the emerging ideas.

In Q1 2022, Jordan began convening meetings with a broader coalition to begin to formally explore the concept of an all-encompassing Meta Project larger than any one movement, group, tribe, or nation, while teams continued to improve the core infrastructure and articulation of the ideas.

By late 2022, the pattern for organizing and federating such an effort was becoming clear, and the need to move from the abstraction of the Meta Project into its concrete and actionable expression through Lionsberg was clear. Because the Provisional Structure established Lionsberg as a self-governing voluntary association, initially stewarding resources through a 501(c)(3) public charity, it emerged from the two previous years of testing relatively unscathed.

As we moved into 2023, Jordan and allies published the foundational literature, context, and lexicon on the Lionsberg Wiki, set up a minimum viable Lionsberg Communication System, established broadcast capabilities and recorded pilot episodes, ran a couple additional social experiments, and prepared for broadcasting and fundraising.

Foundational Literature

Foundational literature published early in 2023 included:

  1. Lionsberg Manifesto
  2. Lionsberg, Simple and Clear
  3. Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future
  4. The Great Game of Lionsberg
  5. The Lionsberg Approach to Citizen Led Governance
  6. A New American Revolution - A Vision for a Stronger, Freer, and More United Nation
  7. The Book of Lionsberg
  8. A Way Beyond Fear, Anxiety, And Depression
  9. The Lionsberg Book of Meditations
  10. The Lionsberg Book of Quotes

Later in 2023 as the time grew closer, Jordan published additional works, such as:

  1. Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming
  2. The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0
  3. An Alternative to Apocalypse - The New Covenant
  4. The Dawn of the New World
  5. Other Lionsberg Wiki Books

Jordan's final book before launch, published in Spring 2024, was:

Broadcast Capability

In Q3 2023, we constructed broadcast capability by connecting an online recording studio out to Youtube, X, and the leading podcast platforms.

We recorded the first 4 sample episodes and launched them in September 2023 as part of the Above The Chaos series.

Wrapping Up the Old Life, and Beginning the New

In Q3 2023, as Jordan approached the statute of limitations on the civil rights and corruption claims arising from the destruction of 2019 through 2021 and prepared to weather the storms ahead, he moved his family to a new home base in the mountains of North Idaho, filed a civil rights and corruption lawsuit against the County in federal court, prepared to file bankruptcy to wrap the tens of millions of dollars of claims and counter claims from his old life in a transparent public container, and looked ahead to public broadcasting and resource raising.

During the Winter of 2023 / 2024, the remaining energy from The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning was allowed to finish falling to the ground, in preparation for the launch of the 10 Year Grand Strategy in the Spring of 2024.

Pattern Integrity

The Fundamental Tone, which unifies all aspects of the System, Pattern, and Community, is Love, flowing from the Spirit of God. Absolute And Unconditional Love encompasses and calls forth all other Values, such as Truth, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, Goodness, and Beauty, and the full panoply reflected in the The Lionsberg System of Values.

At the deepest level, it is ultimately the Source of Life, Love and All Creation, which in English we call the Creator, God, Ultimate Reality and I Am.

Transformations Over Time

The Meta Idea is eternal and unchanging, while the universe and our understanding of it evolves. The Goal, which is ultimately God, never changes.

Lionsberg aims to help All things elevate and transform themselves towards The Goal. This Meta Goal cannot and will not change, even as the strategies and tactics to navigate towards it evolve through the generations.

Evolutionary / Transformational Purpose

Lionsberg's purpose is to invite and empower All beings to rise towards Higher Order Functional Unity in partnership with One and All through Love. The evolutionary goal is the reintegration of the human species with the Creator and All Creation under the New Covenant.

Vision of the Future

As a result of our collective efforts, we envision a future where humanity has remembered its inherent interexistence as One Family, transcended its shallow divisions, and embraced a New Identity and a New Way of Being in harmony with One Another, the One Creator, and All Creation. Corruption, injustice, unnecessary suffering, and oppression will be vanquished, and all individuals will have access to lifelong opportunities to develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish. We will co-create a world where all life flourishes and the Universal Symphony resounds in harmony with the Fundamental Tone.

The Best Possible Future is within reach, awaiting humanity's collective decision to work together for the good of All generations of life and consciousness.

Process For Progressive Realization

We aim to progressively realize this Vision and Ideal by:

  1. Progressively discerning, articulating, and embodying the Spirit, Will, and Intention of God
  2. Broadcasting The Message to create a field of gravitational attraction
  3. Inviting individuals and groups to federate via Lionsberg (Every individual receiving up to 20 invitations during The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity)
  4. Connecting, equipping, and empowering The Community of those who respond via a continuously improving set of infrastructure, resources, services, and support
  5. Creating measurable Impact / Value in service of The Goal
  6. Broadcasting Stories of Transformation to fuel the Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel and grow The Movement

Every individual and group that connects with Lionsberg will gain equal access to The Lionsberg Experience and the Lionsberg Commons, which will host an ecosystem of continuously improving resources, tools, services, and technologies to help participants rise towards the fullness of their potential and flourish.

Individuals and Groups will work together to steward and continuously improve The Movement and The Commons that is helping All rise towards their potential and flourish.

Where We Are

We will do our best to keep updated with Where We Are on the Lionsberg History and Inception page.

Now that Inception has occurred and a living co-creative organism in emerging, progress assembling The Body / The Movement will be able to be monitored on the Lionsberg Co-Creators page via the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth and Lionsberg Cycle Time.

Investments Through Spring 2024

The development work through The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning was financed entirely by Jordan Nicholas Sukut through the Lionsberg 501(c)(3) public charity, resulting in a pure, transparent, and publicly accountable structure with no obligations but to One and All.

Dozens of people have invested time, ideas, and expertise to help advance the platform and community.

The Path Forward

The journey towards the Best Possible Future is paved with transformation, collaboration, and unity. It will require the collective effort of every individual, every community, and every nation, as we walk the Path together FROM the Old TO the New, hand in hand, guided by our shared principles and values.

For more detail on the New Vision and Plan, see Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, and Read The Books.


The Lionsberg Trust Manifesto is more than a declaration of history and principles; along with the Lionsberg Manifesto and the Lionsberg Wiki Books, it is an invitation to join a global movement dedicated to co-creating a brighter future for all. We acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead, but we remain steadfast in our belief that together, united by our shared values and aspirations, we can overcome the obstacles and transform our lives and our world.