Chapter 2 - The Invisible Horizon - Why Most People Are Unaware of the Impending Crisis


The dissonance between the urgency of the Meta Crisis and general public awareness is striking. For lack of Vision and Knowledge, the people perish. Despite the multi-dimensional challenges we face, a large proportion of humanity seems oblivious or apathetic to the impending calamities and their far-reaching immediate and multi-generational implications. This chapter seeks to explore the factors that contribute to this "Invisible Horizon"—the barriers that prevent widespread recognition and understanding of the crisis we are embroiled in, and the Chaos that lies at the logical end of our present trajectory.

The Veils of Illusion

Cognitive Dissonance and Normalcy Bias

People are adept at maintaining cognitive equilibrium, often to the point of rejecting unsettling realities. The Normalcy Bias further acts as a psychological shield; humans tend to assume that things will always function the way they have in the past, ignoring the warning signs of significant change.

Mass Media and Propaganda

Controlled narratives propagated by mass media often act to distort public perception. Whether through suppression of crucial information or the propagation of deceitful narratives and ideologies that serve vested interests, the social and mass media landscape frequently blurs the lines between fact and falsehood, making it difficult to discern Truth.

Bread and Circuses: Distractions and Materialism

The ancient Romans knew well how to control the masses: give them bread and circuses. In modern terms, the endless array of entertainments and consumer goods serves to distract from more pressing existential questions and spiritual voids.

The Failure of Institutions

Educational Shortcomings

Modern education systems are often criticized for prioritizing rote memorization over critical thinking, standardized tests over ethical and spiritual development, propagandized histories over genuine Wisdom, and intentionally robbing the natural creativity and potential from Citizens. Such an approach ill-prepares the populace for comprehending the complex, interrelated crises we face. Additionally, the deep training to obey and not question authority makes independent thinking and radical action difficult.

Religious and Spiritual Detachment

Many religious institutions have increasingly focused on dogma and ritual at the expense of deeper spiritual enlightenment and stewardship of Society and the Earth. Consequently, a sense of sacred connection to nature, one another, and the Divine has been overshadowed, and empty dogmatic religion has too often replaced vibrant personal spiritual experience and direct relationship with God.

Profound Complexity

Because the Crisis of Crises we are facing touches nearly aspect of existence, from the spiritual and theological, to the philosophical and scientific, to the social and economic, to monetary systems, geopolitics, and complex natural systems, very few humans are fully prepared and willing to grapple with the depth and breath of violently overwhelming issues. This unwillingness or inability to grapple with the deep abstract thinking required is exacerbated by the fact that billions of humans are mired in existential struggle to deal with sickness, pay bills, find meaningful work, manage family issues, and grapple with daily existence.

The Erosion of Interpersonal Relationships and Community

The rise of technology and social media has paradoxically led to increased alienation among individuals. The lack of genuine community, coupled with isolation fueled by divisive ideologies and filter bubbles, makes collective action against existential threats even more difficult to mobilize.

The Metaphysical and Spiritual Blind Spots

The Neglect of Inner Transformation

A pivotal aspect that is often overlooked is the spiritual transformation of individual consciousness. The external world is but a reflection of our inner realms. Without a shift in our consciousness and inner being, any systemic changes are guaranteed to be superficial and short-lived, as unenlightened beings cannot co-create and perpetually uphold enlightened systems and structures.

The Loss of a Unifying Vision and Narrative

As different belief systems and ideologies proliferate and divide humanity into various denominational, ideological, and political caves, humanity lacks the transcendent and unifying Vision and Narrative that is necessary provide a cohesive understanding and response to our existence first, and to orient us to the Meta Crisis and Meta Opportunity that are at hand. Because Spirit and Narrative are prior to perception, this causes us to perceive Reality in vastly different ways, and the resultant fragmentation exacerbates the difficulties in coming to a consensus on how to navigate these treacherous waters.

Awakening from the Illusion

Individual Enlightenment as a Catalyst

The inner transformation of individual souls holds the key to systemic change. Spiritual awakening, an intimate experience, must become a collective phenomenon to turn the tide of apathy and ignorance.

Transformational Community as a Natural Extension

We know from centuries of coaching, mentoring, and spiritual formation that a natural outcome of genuine spiritual transformation is a deep desire for community with others who have their feet on the same path.

Therefore the Lionsberg strategy is rooted first in a profound spiritual transformation and shift in consciousness, second around forging a movement / community helping one another advance with All Creation towards The Goal, and third in the pragmatic systems, infrastructures, and processes to enable that movement towards Destiny to succeed and avoid failure.

The Role of Prophetic Voices

Throughout history, prophets, sages, and visionaries have served as powerful, if often loathed and killed, catalysts for change. Such individuals, aligned with the Divine, can act as guiding lights, inspiring and awakening others to the realities we face and the need for a radical shift. While society usually kills its prophets instead of heeding their clarion calls, the prophetic voice nonetheless speaks on, entrusting its Self to God and valuing the Wise and Truthful speech that brings forth the Order that is Good more than temporal Life itself.


Understanding the Invisible Horizon and the means to see beyond it is essential for awakening humanity to the urgency of the Meta Crisis. Through addressing the psychological, institutional, and spiritual factors that contribute to this blindness, we can begin to remove the veils that obscure our collective vision. It is imperative to catalyze a spiritual renaissance, grounded in eternal Wisdom and Principles and a transcendent New Narrative, Vision, and Plan, to overcome this societal stupor. Once the horizon becomes visible, aligned action will naturally flow, enabling us to address the crises that endanger both our temporal existence and eternal souls.

As we proceed to the following chapters, we will explore strategies, principles, and paradigms that can serve as guiding posts in our collective journey from crisis to renewal. These will not merely be practical applications but deeply spiritual practices that honor and manifest the Creator's Intent through Co-Creative Partnership—on Earth as it is in Heaven. This is the Way towards the Goal.

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