Integration Domains

In the Lionsberg System, Integration Domains refer to specific places or spheres within which Action Domains must be integrated and coordinated in order for the Whole to function.

The skill of Integration relates to the General Management of all the specialized Action Domains into a coordinated and coherent Whole.

It is contrasted with the Technical Management required within a specialized Action Domain or Function.

The Provisional Ontology articulates 12 Geo-Cultural and 12 Spiritual-Cultural Integration Domains.

12 Geo-Cultural Integration Domains

  1. Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. West Africa
  3. North Africa and Western Asia
  4. South and Central Asia
  5. East Asia
  6. Southeast Asia
  7. Oceana
  8. Eastern Europe
  9. Western Europe
  10. South America
  11. Central America
  12. North America

12 Spiritual-Cultural Integration Domains

  1. Islamic Culture and Wisdom
  2. Hindu and South Asian Culture and Wisdom
  3. Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, East Asian Culture and Wisdom
  4. Jewish Culture and Wisdom
  5. Protestant Culture and Wisdom
  6. Orthodox Culture and Wisdom
  7. Catholic Culture and Wisdom
  8. Africa - Indigenous Culture and Wisdom
  9. Americas - Indigenous Culture and Wisdom
  10. Asia - Indigenous Culture and Wisdom
  11. Oceans - Indigenous Culture and Wisdom
  12. Europe - Indigenous Culture and Wisdom