Failure of Existing Institutions to Address the Grand Challenges and Global Goals

At the opening of the third millennium, humanity became conscious that the existing complex of institutions that we had previously looked to for leadership were showing significant signs of corruption and deterioration, and appeared incapable of delivering transparent and globally coordinated solutions to the interconnected existential threats and challenges facing life on earth.

A variety of court cases, news stories and footage streamed from around the world revealed a woefully inadequate state of existence and suffering for many of earth’s inhabitants. In far too many instances, it appeared the the power structures depended on the impoverishment and oppression of local populations for their wealth, positions and power.

The global complex of governments, corporations, and institutions responsible for coordinating systems of action to alleviate suffering, create value and elevate the quality and meaning of life was failing at the most crucial juncture in human history.

By 2020, humanity was beginning to simultaneously awaken and understand that millions of people were suffering, dying, and enduring injustice unnecessarily every month due to the corruption and inaction of the global power structures that depended on their poverty and suffering.

The global community therefore began to realize that the global system of systems needed to be fundamentally transformed, and that they had the responsibility to consciously choose how that would occur.