Worksite Earth

Worksite Earth is a metaphor used in the Lionsberg System to challenge humanity to see itself as co-workers on one overarching and uniting project.

Around the world, people began working to consolidate the Discernment of the global community into a coordinated Program of Action for Worksite Earth as a Whole.

This included an effort to conceptualize the entirety of human history to date (How We Got Here), the current forces and conditions bearing on Worksite Earth (Where We Are), and the Highest Intention and Greatest Good humanity could conceptualize for the Future of all life aboard Earth (Where We Are Going), and the approximate milestone-based logical Network of Commitments that might Guide us from point A to point B.

It rapidly became obvious that the total systems level transformation that was required for Worksite Earth was larger than any organization, nation, or institution could accomplish in isolation.

Accomplishing the transformation within the timeframe required would require total global coordination.

Given that the existing institutions were politically unable to accomplish this, this meant that very pragmatically, a new gathering space and a new global coalition would need to be forged in order to succeed.