11. Scope of Work

While anchored by the immediate 10 Year Grand Strategy, The Scope of Work inherently encompasses the entirety of the human species and Worksite Earth without exception, and the expansion of the human species beyond Earth into InterPlanetary and evnetually InterStellar configurations over the next hundreds of millions of years prior to this star system becoming uninhabitable.

It involves inviting inviting all humanity, roughly 10 Billion People In 10 Years, to make their Way FROM the Old TO the New, and take up an Equal Citizenship in a fully regenerating, flourishing, and abundant Future.

Accomplishing this while preventing the suffering and death of 2/3 to 3/4 of the human population requires that instead of stumbling headlong into an apocalyptic AI and Nuclear World War III / IV against One Another and our Planet (along with associated Civil Wars, Chaos, and Tyranny), we beat our Weapons Into Tools of Life, work together, and reallocate our High Science Technology and $15 to $20 Trillion of the $30 Trillion+ of expected military expenditures over the next 10 years towards The Greatest Joint Venture in human history, while fundamentally reorienting and realigning our Way of Being and Interacting as a human species aboard Worksite Earth.

This ~$15 Trillion of nominal resource reallocation to the New Vision and Plan enables humanity to gather up its Collective Inheritance into The Commons, and co-create a backbone to equip and empower a decentralized array of the first 3% of the human population, organized into ~50 million connected and empowered small teams around the world, to poly-centrically prioritize, localize, and adapt the best solutions and technologies to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals and aspirations inherent in every community on Earth.

Additionally, it requires that we Optimally Decentralize and Relocalize and democratize power, authority, opportunity, knowledge, and technology around the world, rendering War and involuntary Migration obsolete, while ensuring that every tribe, tongue, and people has a free and secure place to call home.

Lastly, it reintegrates the human population in service of One Another, All Life in the Living System, and its Generative Source.