5. Our Overarching and Uniting Aim and Goal

Rooted in the Absolute And Unconditional Love of One for All, the Overarching and Uniting Aim and Goal of the New Vision, Strategy, and Plan is the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of life and consciousness.

This uniting Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth and Beyond fulfills the same role that the Designer's Intent legally, technically, and philosophically plays on any worksite.

As the Old systems and structures fail, the Aim is move the entire population out of The Caves separating and imprisoning us, through The Wilderness, and towards The Promised Land within a single generation, with no one Involuntarily Left Behind.

The End result is a New World in which every one of its inhabitants can enjoy a higher Standard Of Living and Quality of Life than any has enjoyed in the past.

The most amazing aspect of the eternal Vision of Heaven On Earth is that it continues to get A Little Better Every Day as All Creation works together in harmony to cause it to be so.