8. Timing

We aim to accomplish this transformative refounding We are targeting a 10 Year Grand Strategy, backed by a 20 Year Generational Contingency.

Following The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning, we Aim to accomplish The Transformation as rapidly as possible Without Harm or Disadvantage to Any, nominally during the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy that began March 1, 2024. We have established and are carefully managing a 20 Year Generational Contingency to ensure completion within a single generation.

Ideally, The 90 Day Sprint in Q2 2024 will catalyze the first 8 to 10 Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, uniting the first 55 to 144 Lionsberg Co-Creators into an Optimally Decentralized Team of Teams.

This will enable the nomination of 5 to 20 respected representatives of The Movement to assemble by ~July 2024, seeding the System Wide Master Planning Group and System Wide Master Planning Process, and emerging with a joint Strategy and Plan for Q3 / Summer that advances the Critical Path and all relevant aspects of The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan.

Completing at least another ~5 Lionsberg Cycles of Growth during Q3 will connect another ~200 to ~1,000 of the Wise Right Lionsberg Co-Creators, leading to the opportunity for the first larger summit / Lionsberg General Assembly meeting in September / October.

At the first Lionsberg General Assembly representatives from The Movement will refine and collectively ratify the 10 Year Grand Strategy and The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan.

The New Vision and Plan will be broadly broadcast by October 2024 at planetary scale to present humanity with a viable alternative ahead of the November 2024 US elections, ideally leading to a wave of aligned mayors, governors, and an independent presidential candidate from The Movement being swept into office, with independent Citizen Led oversight and auditing of an electoral system both parties have repeatedly stated is (at least) corruptible.

While seemingly audacious / incredible on the surface, accelerating towards this early milestone is crucial to ensure that The Movement is empowered with the executive authority forthrightly pull NATO / Russia / Ukraine / China / Israel / Iran / North Korea et al back from the potentially Omnicidal World War III that already is spilling over into Reality, and implement the Progressive Disarmament and transformation of our High Science Technology FROM Weaponry TO Livingry during the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

The Lionsberg General Assembly will reconvene in January 2025 after the inauguration, now armed with the essentially unlimited resources required to ensure the 10 Year Grand Strategy is completed On Time, On Quality, and Under Budget.

This rapid start-up plan ultimately enables the reallocation of $15 Trillion to $20 Trillion of planned military and defense spending towards co-creating flourishing and abundant life and responding to emergent disasters in service of One and All, as a positive alternative to the omnicidal Collapse of the Existing Order in Chaos and War.

From there, The Milestones mark the Way through the coming millennia and towards The Goal.

After The Greatest Celebration and Jubilee In History in ~2034, we will be prepared to Pass The Flame to the rising generations and expand our species beyond the SpatioTemporal limits of Worksite Earth towards Interexistence as an Interstellar species prior to this Solar System becoming uninhabitable.

In terms of Time and Space, we are being challenged to simultaneously discern, think, speak, plan, and act across the Largest Conceivable Expanse of Time and Space, while becoming exceptionally skilled at forging Teams and succeeding in specific, measurable, Time and Space bound Quarterly Quests that advance the Critical Path towards The Goal. Right here in our current Domains of Responsibility and Authority.