26. Work Breakdown Structure - The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg

The Quest towards The Goal requires Co-Creating The New. We must co-create and continuously improve The Promised Land.

We start with the Overarching and Uniting notion of Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth.

We then begin to build out our Plans and Specifications for the New World we are Co-Creating. Progressively articulating the Divine Blueprints.

Shifting towards action requires identifying the primary Features of Work via a Work Breakdown Structure.

The first level of the Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure is The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg.

!The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg

Around each of The 12 Pillars, Citizen Led Joint Ventures can be formed, which in turn connect and empower a distributed array of millions of Teams that compose the Team of Teams.

The Citizen Led Joint Ventures, and the Optimally Decentralized Team of Teams they empower, are themselves connected and empowered by the core elements of the Lionsberg System and Commons, that address the General Issues that each of them, and all the Teams they support, face.

The Work Breakdown Structure, coupled with the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System and System Wide Master Planning Process, enable the Team of Teams to Stack Up And Align measurable projects and quests to produce Throughput of The Goal.