Our Shared Mission and Goal

Once we understand that we are not separate from, but contained within, a Living System encompassing the Universe whose subsequent transformations across SpaceTime are being guided by God, and once we grasp the interexistence of All Creation animated by the permeating and sustaining Spirit of God, and once we make the Conscious Decision to place God at The Center, we come to realize that we are All a part of One Universal Body of Creation, being guided by God towards our shared Destiny.

Once this epiphany occurs, we begin to understand that our Highest Identity is not as individuals, but as One Spiritual Body, flowing from, being sustained by, and returning to the Creator of our existence.

Once this epiphany occurs, "we" becomes We, and We understand that We are All here on Worksite Earth for a single unifying Purpose and Goal.

On a worksite other than Earth, such as a roadway, reservoir, or bridge, what unites all the workers, the common mission and goal, is to bring the Designer's Intent into Reality.

On the Universal Worksite, or on Worksite Earth as a subset, what unites All the workers, the common mission and goal, is to bring the Creator's Intent into Reality.

Our Supreme Goal becomes God, and our Work becomes Co-Creation.

As we labor together, with One Another and God, there is no debate as to what the Mission and Supreme Goal is. It is to accomplish the Will and Intention of God, On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

It is, as it were, to bring Heaven to Earth. To cause the Creator's Intent to be fully Manifest and made Known, On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

One Word Tool we can use to describe this Reality is the Kingdom Of God. We can known the extent and boundaries of a Kingdom by where the Authority and Intention of the king prevails and is done.

Upon the epiphany of our interexistence and inherent unity as One Family of God, our shared Vision, Mission, and Goal becomes very simply the Kingdom Of God, On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

Our Work becomes the the most meaningful and purposeful endeavor imaginable - partnering with the Creator of the Universe to Co-Create the kind of Reality the Creator Intends for us to flourish together within.

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