The One That Unites The Many

If we are to have any hope of co-operating as One Body, we must first begin to understand how to co-operate with God, for it is only God, the Creator of the Universe, that can reunite and save the Body of It's Creation. There is only One that can unite us All. By definition.

This is not a matter of religious belief. It is a strict matter of definition.

Whatever else God is, by definition God is the One thing that unites The Many.

It is tempting in this age, when we have forgotten What and Who God is, to look shallower for That Which Unites Us All. We may be tempted to look to Nature, or even to concretize the goddess of Nature, and bow down to her.

However any minor study of Nature, Theology, of Philosophy will reveal that while indeed she is the substance from which All Creation arises, there is something Deeper upon which she arises and depends.

If we just continue to ask what is Deeper, eventually we always arrive back at the One Ultimate Reality guiding the subsequent transformations of Reality across Time and Space. This is the realm of God.

We know intuitively that the Creator must be distinguished from Creation. While Creation flows from its Source, they are not the same thing precisely. Creation is always transforming, evolving, improving. Its Source remains the same. Everything in Nature cycles, rises, and falls, according to the Logos guiding it. The mountains rise and fall over millennia, kingdoms and trees rise and fall over centuries, people and animals rise and fall over decades, thoughts and insects rise and fall over days, and subatomic cycles of energy rise and fall over nanoseconds. Everything, composed of energy, has, as it were, a wavelength and periodicity, all connected back to and informed by the Source of all Mass-Energy and the Information that instructs it how to animate into Form.

Therefore it is crucial that we see beyond the burning bush of Nature, to perceive the Spirit of God that calls to us from within.

The I Am. The Uncaused Cause. The Ultimate Reality upon which Reality depends. The Absolute.

The LORD. God. Creator.

Creator and Creation. One and All. The One thing that occupies the Absolute Highest Place in the Total Nested Hierarchy of Creation, and encompasses, orders, and united All Creation within Itself. The One Deepest thing, upon which All else arises and depends. The Foundation. The Ground of Being. The Alpha And Omega. The Beginning And End. The Source and Sustainer of All.

If we are to become United As One, by definition only God, the Absolute, can be placed at The Center.

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