1. Introduction to the Lionsberg Strategy and Plan

In the various Lionsberg Wiki Books, we have circumambulated the New Vision and Plan from various angles in more detail.

This shorter presentation aims to approach (the whole) from the lens of a unified strategy and plan to meet this moment in history.

It is designed to remain an eternally incomplete Work In Progress - a living document that is continuously improved as new co-creators join The Movement and bring their unique Puzzle Pieces to the banquet table.

It is an opening Vision to hold the place for the Future Stories that will emerge from millions of groups, teams, and localities around the world.

In fact, if you are reading this, you likely will discover that something is missing, and that you are holding a unique piece of The Divine Puzzle. Every time new Puzzle Pieces are discovered that fill in a Hole In Our Map, we are elated. Every Defect Is A Gift. Like Gold Refined Seven Times, eventually only what is most Wise, Right, True and Good will remain.

Our adventure into the Unknown is a process of emergence and co-creation.