Network of Commitments

A Network of Commitments in a System is a logically ordered series of Commitments, or Actions, that when executed as a Process creates Throughput of The Goal of the System.

On the "Doing" side of the Lionsberg System, it is the fundamental backbone of Value creation and measurement.

Conscious Agents use the Planning System to determine the Milestones that mark the Way towards the Goal.

Agents then work together to discern the most Efficient Path to reach the Milestones.

This is called the Critical Path or Critical Chain.

The Critical Path is composed of Activities that Agents undertake.

Each Activity has some Activities that logically should happen before it, called Predecessors, and some Activities that logically should happen after it, called Successors.

The rational links and logic between Activities form the Network of Commitments.

The reason it is called a Network of Commitments is that an Activity cannot be completed unless an Actor makes and keeps a Commitment to do it.

Crucially, the Network of Commitments tracks the Handoff Points between Teams.