Planning System

Lean Integrated Program Delivery presupposes that Reliable Flow of Work is based upon Commitments being requested, made, and kept.

In turn, Commitments must be planned and re-planned as events inevitably unfold in ways that are different than the plan.

A Planning System is a system or process that defines how one engages in planning.

One example is Responsibility Based Project Delivery. This is a flexible process particularly appropriate for iterative practices.

Another example is the Last Planner System (LPS), which organizes production processes.  The Last Planner System presupposes that the person handing off the work is responsible for its completion and its readiness as it transitions to the next skilled craftsman.

This makes each Actor the "last planner" before work is accepted and taken up by the Actor. Both systems are described in more depth later in this Guide.

The Lionsberg Planning System attempts to integrate the best features and benefits of various systems into a wise and comprehensive Way that integrates planning with the rest of the Lionsberg System in order to accelerate Throughput of The Goal.

These systems dovetail into one another, and can be iterated upon and used in conjunction.