Meta Game

Meta Game

The word Meta as it is used in the Lionsberg System is meant to point to the eternal, universal, ultimate, self-referential, highest order, most transcendent conception of an idea.

Therefore the Meta Game is the highest universal overarching and uniting "Game of games", that by definition contains within itself and orders all other possible games.

The idea of the Meta Game is critical because it provides a framework in which to stack up and align our individual Games with the Meta Game that is big enough to unite us All.

Success in the Meta Game is measured in terms of progress towards the Meta Goal.

Below is an elementary starting point / conceptual design for how we might attempt to instantiate / act out a continuously improving version of the Meta Game.

To avoid Concretizing The Absolute, we call it the Lionsberg | Meta Game to differentiate it from the Absolute concept. The same concept has been explored under The Great Game / The Great Game of Lionsberg.

The Lionsberg | Meta Game


Over the past years, it has become obvious that in addition to the Meta Project framework a Meta Game is also trying to emerge.

Like the Meta Project, no one "owns" the universal and eternal Meta Game that we are all trying to discover / embody / act out together.

And yet in order for us to play it, pragmatic requirements emerge around structure, governance, currencies, and other pragmatic issues that demand that a framework emerge.

The Lionsberg Provisional Structure was purpose-built to empower the Meta Community to act out and embody the Meta Project / Meta Game / Meta Idea.

Therefore as a bridge between the Meta level of abstraction, the incarnation of that framework / spirit / goal in our time and place, we are proposing that we try to figure out how to play the Lionsberg | Meta Game in parallel with the Lionsberg | Meta Project.


From early discussion in the first three six week cycles of the Meta Project, it became apparent that mechanisms for the measurement and exchange of Time and Energy were required.

Experts in the group encouraged us to articulate hypotheses, and test / play / experiment to see what happened.


The Lionsberg | Meta Game is a game so powerful and dangerous that as we play it our lives and our world literally transform. Play with great caution, for as you do both you and your world will be changed.

Purpose / Intention

The purpose / intention of the game is to empower everyone, everywhere to begin rising towards the fullness of their unique potential and flourishing, by helping All others do the same. This is logical and efficient Way / Path towards the overarching and uniting Meta Goal.

Place in the Lionsberg System

Whereas the Lionsberg | Meta Project was designed to be a more rigorous and technical view of the total program of action required to solve the grand challenges and accomplish the global goals...

...the Meta Game is intended as an accessible entry point for any child, family, or playful adult. It helps solve the core requirement that the platforms and infrastructure of the New World reach out and are accessible to every being on earth, without exception, regardles of their background of current State of Being.

The Core DNA / Logic / Way of Being behind Lionsberg / Meta Project / Meta Game is all same, flowing from one spirit / mind.

In order to succeed, and avoid failure, the Meta Game needs to be coordinated and harmonized out with all other elements of the Lionsberg System or the System will not function as Intended.

Logos / Logic of the Game

The Logos / Logic of the Meta Game is the same as the Logos of every other element of the Lionsberg System, which to the best of our understanding harmonizes with the Logos of the entire Living System.

If 8 billion people chose to play the Game, the universal symphony would sound.

In a word, the Logos is the movement towards Perfect Unity through Love.

Relationship to Other Games

There are a thousand other games being developed according to the same spirit / logic / goal that we all sense is trying to emerge.

Rather than pick one named Game, we need to make the total set of all Games succeed. That is the entire idea behind the Meta Game.

As we discover other emergent games with different names, we can disover how to serve / cooperate / empower them to rise towards their potential and flourish together.

The only requirement is Sovereignty - we can never subordinate any element of Lionsberg or the Meta Framework to anything other than the eternal and universal One and All, or the entire Meta Logic / Logos they are predicated upon will fail, and destroy the System.

The moment we subordinate any element to any other Game or System, is the moment it dies and ceases to embody the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish, which demands that every element of the System directly relates back to and flow from the deepest possible level of abstraction.

How It Works

The fundamental unit of the Game is the Individual.

Sovereignty and Autonomy

Every Individual is respected and hnored as a unique, Sovereign, and Autonomous Conscious Agent.

The Setup

Individuals enter the Game and are given a Spacetime User Interface. This allows them to see, Perceive, and act in a specific time and place in the universe.

The Spacetime User Interface grants them 1,440 minutes each day they are on earth.

These are subdivided in 15 minute increments into 96 available Periods of Action.

A Quest Towards The Goal

Armed with a Spacetime User Interface and 96 available Periods of Action each day, Conscious Agents embark together on a epic Quest towards the Most Worthy Goal.

The object of The Game is to Realize The Goal.

Progressing Towards The Goal

The Way towards the Goal is marked Milestones.

These Milestones delineate the approximate Critical Path / Critical Chain of Stories, Obstacles, and Opportunities that the Agent must Navigate through to Realize The Goal.


In order to Act in the Game, Agents must exchange Energy with their surroundings.

Energy exchange can generally be divided into three basic phases:

  1. Gathering Energy
  2. Storing Energy
  3. Giving / Releasing / Exchanging Energy

Energy Exchange and Accounting

The first Currency of the Game is Energy.

Energy can Associate (enter or be gathered), be stored, and Dissociate (leave or be dispersed).

An inexhaustible daily supply of energy is freely given to the total set of All Agents in the Game, who must collaborate to Gather, Store, and Exchange it for the Good of All.

The purpose of Energy Accounting in the Game is to measure the Flow of Energy.

Time Exchange and Accounting

The second Currency in the Game is Time, which is a useful illusion that arises as a byproduct of the Spacetime User Interface.

Unlike Energy, it cannot be gathered or stored, and must be Spent moment by moment in Realtime.

The illusion of Time in the Game results in the Perception of 96 available Periods of Action.

These are freely allotted to All Agents in the Game at the start of each day.

Sovereignty and Autonomy

Every Agent has both the right and the responsibility to Allocate their available Flow of Time and Energy each day, and can do so in any way they choose. As a general guideline that is eternally sustainable for All, the Game breaks up the 96 available Periods of Action into 3 equal parts, which are Sleep, Recreation, and Meaningful Work.

32 Units of Meaningful Sleep

No Units of Sleep may be exchanged with the Game.

32 Units of Meaningful Recreation

No Units of Recreation may be exchanged with the Game.

32 Units of Meaningful Work

Each Agent is Free, but not obligated, to exchange up to 32 Units of Meaningful Work with the Game each day.

This restriction on the Exchange of Meaningful Work was put in place as a guardrail to protect the eternal sustainability of the Game for All, and to prevent people from getting addicted to unsustainably mining Time Currency out of Sleep and Recreation.

Exchanging Meaningful Work For Time Currency

As noted above, each Individual is Free but not obligated to exchange up to 32 Units of Meaningful Work each day with the Game.

This is done through Teams.

Meaningful Work is validated through a Process of Making And Securing Commitments.

As each Unit of Meaningful Work is validated, a corresponding unit of Time Currency becomes instantly available in the Agent's Wallet.

Defining, Proposing and Validating Meaningful Work

Defining Meaningful Work

Work is considered Meaningful in the Game if it meets the following criteria:

  1. It measurably contributes to Throughput of The Goal of the Game
  2. It helps consume the Critical Chain / Critical Path
  3. It contains a meaningful Degree of Difficulty
  4. It can be expressed in the form of a meaningful Commitment to a Team
  5. It helps the Team keep a meaningful Commitment to another Team or to the Game as a Whole

Individuals and Teams should actively engage in helping negotiate what the Most Meaningful Work is that each Individual, and the Team as a whole, can accomplish.

Proposing Meaningful Work

Individual Agents Propose Meaningful Work to Teams in the form of a Commitment to a Team.

Teams Accept or Reject the Proposed Work.

If the Proposed Work is Accepted by the Team, it is secured in the Team's local Commitment Tracker.

Teams are responsible for only Accepting Proposals / Securing Commitments from Agents that are Meaningful, as defined above.

Validating and Integrating Meaningful Work

As the Individual Work is accomplished, Teams are responsible for validating its Quality, and integrating it into the Team's Meaningful Work.

When the Meaningful Work has been Validated and Accepted by the Team, the Commitment is released from the local Commitment Tracker.

Meaningful Commitments Between Teams And The Whole

The core mechanism of the Game lies in the bundling of Meaningful Work done by individuals into Meaningful Work done by Teams and incorported into the Game via meaningful commitments made and kept between Teams.

Teams can make commitments in two primary ways:

  1. By negotiating Meaningful Work with other Teams or with the Game - Team To Team Commitment
  2. By committing to do Work that the Core Team of the Game has predetermined is Meaningful - Team To Whole Commitment

Completing the Cycle and Releasing Time Currency

The Cycle is completed, and Time Currency released, when a Package of Work corresponding to a Commitment is delivered by the Committing Team (Committor), and accepted by the Team which Secured the Commitment (Committee) for Integration into its own Meaningful Work.

When the Team to Team commitment is Accepted, and the Commitment thereby fulfilled, all Units of Meaningful Work contained in the Package of Work are "paid" to the Team, which in turn releases the Time Currency to the members of the team.

Everything Is A Project / Everything Is A Story

Applying the Everything Is A Project framework, or Everything Is A Story framework, these Packages or Stories of Work need to be aggregated up into higher level stories and projects that are accomplishing the Meta Project / Meta Story.

The mechanics of how this can be accomplished can be found in the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide - the project based langauge can be transformed to simple Game / Quest based language.


Each Team is entitled to 10% "markup" on its Package of Work in order to create a pool of Time Currency to accomplish its Overhead and Administration Function.

For example, if a team of 5 works full time for 10 days on a Package of Work, that package of work would include: 32 Units of Time Per Day x 5 people x 10 days = 1,600 Units of Meaningful Work.

The total amount of Time Currency the Team would receive for that Package of Work would = 1,600 + 10% (160) = 1,760 units of Time Currency.

The team would "pay out" 1,600 Units of Time Currency to the team members, and retain a shared pool of 160 Units of Time that it could exchange as a team for Meaningful Work from other Teams.

Time Currency x Fiat Currency Interface

Because Time Currency can only be exchanged between those playing the Game, a Time Currency x Fiat Currency Interface will need to be established.

This Interface will need to allow for Individuals and Teams to exchange some percentage of the Time Currency they earn for Fiat Currency so that they can acquire goods, services, and provisions that are not available within the Game.

REMEMBER - Whenever possible, a Team should be established within the Game to meet whatever need or solve whatever problem is forcing an Individual or Team to to exhange Internal Currency for External Currency.

The technical reason for this relates to the Velocity of Currency within the System.

Currency can be exchanged via the Lionsberg Central Bank.

Flow and Velocity of Currency Within the System

When Time Currency is earned within the Game, and Spent within the Game, it is gauranteed to return much faster to the spender, leading to ever greater abundance and exchange between Agents in the Game.

When Time Currency is exchanged for Fiat Currency and leaves the System, the Energy associated with that unit of Value is dissipated into the Old World, where it will be very difficult to recover it from.

As such, there is a tremendous incentive to keep as much Time Currency within the Game as possible, so that it circulates at a very high velocity and causes All Agents and Teams to spiral upward quickly together.

The Lionsberg Central Bank

The Lionsberg Central Bank is responsible for overseeing the monetary system of the Lionsberg System, as well as its interface with the Old World.

As Meaningful Work is performed within the Game / System, it will present the Value Creation to the world on a regular, and request that the world Reciprocally Transact on that Value.

These transaction can enter the Lionsberg System in the form of multiple capital flows, from philanthropic donations to fuel the Meaningful Work that is occurring, to payments on contracts and joint ventures executed on by the Team of Teams.

The ratio of the total value of Assets in the System, divided by the total Time Currency in circulation, will forge the basis for the Exchange Rate on the Time Currency x Fiat Currency Interface.

The Equal Value of Meaningful Time

All time applied to Meaningful Work is equally valuable.

This is based upon the premise that all Agents are working near the limits of their current capability, on the most meaningful work they and their teams can identify.

Because this cannot and should not be centrally determined, this is determined within each Team, which is charged with not accepting any proposed Work that is not Meaningful Work.

Spiraling Up and Protecting the Central Bank

The core mechanism that will lift up the System is the exchange of increasingly large amounts Time Currency, at increasing Velocity, within the System.

The exchange of Time Currency for Fiat Currency represents a "leakage" of Value and Energy from the System that makes All Agents in the System worse off.

Therefore the exchange of Time Currency for Old World Fiat Currency on the Time Currency x Fiat Currency Interface should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Maximizing the Inflow of Value From The Old World

One of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals implied by The Goal is the progressive transfer of energy, resources, and value FROM the Old World, TO the New World that the Game is co-creating.

Therefore, as meany creative "off-ramps" as possible should be created through which energy, resources, and value can EXIT the Old System, and ENTER the New System.

This will be directly proportional to the Quanity and Quality of Value that the Game / System can create, recognize, and transact upon. See Value.

Minimizing the Outflow of Value To The Old World

Once the New System captures Value, it should leverage it to meet the needs and solve the problems of those playing the Game, so that additional value is created in the New System / Game, rather than being dispersed back into the Old World / System.

This can be accomplished by creating or integrating new individuals, teams, and organizations that specialize in those Functions.

Merging and Acquiring Organizations

For instance, if the Agents in the Game have a need for healthcare, education, clothes, or other essentials, and the need for this is driving them to disspitate Value back into the Old World via Fiat Currency, New Organizations can be created or acquired that specialize in providing these goods and services within the System / Game.

This will ultimately allow for these goods and services to be acquired with the Time Currency of the New World, rather than the Fiat Currency of the Old World.

This can be done through acquisitions of private companies, and by systematically merging into the New System the extraordinary amounts of organizational equity held by individuals, non-profit, government, and religious organizations of the Old World.

Merging and Acquiring Real Estate

As another example, if the Agents in the Game need a suitable Environment / Place to Live, and the need for this is driving them to dissipate Value back into the Old World via Fiat Currency, New Real Estate can be created or acquired that is purpose built to house Agents in an environment in which they can develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.

This can be done through acquisitions of private property, and by systematically merging into the New System the extraordinary amounts of Real Estate held by non-profit, government, and religious organizations of the Old World.

For another view on how a a Community or Game can evolve, then progressively expand / instantiate its logic in Space and Time see A New Sovereignty.

Special Purpose Vehicles and Teams

This creation, mergers, and acquisitions function will be one of the most important aspects of the Game, and special purpose vehicles and teams should be established specifically for this purpose.

Meaningful Work For Entities Outside The System

Especially over the short run, in order to sustain themselves Teams will need to try to identify Meaningful Work they can perform for entities in the Old World / outside the System.

Whenever possible, the resources gained by performing Meaningful Work outside the System should then be used to acquire services from within the System.

As discussed above, this intentionally creates more ways that resources and energy can flow into the System, while also intentionally then putting those resources into circulation within the Community / System / Game.

Defining Meaningful Work For Entities Outside the System

The same basic rules apply for defining meaningful work outside the System as were discussed for defining Meaningful Work inside the System above.

The main addition is that Teams should ensure that their energy and efforts are not being aggregated up into anything that fueling harm or destruction.

For instance, a Team with superpowers in sales and marketing should be extremely careful when selecting what entities of the Old World its genius propels.

There is a massive need and market for such services in genuinely wonderful organizations and institutions who are not yet part of the Game, but are working entirely in the same spirit towards the same Goals.

A List of Clients Who Need Meaningful Work

To help facilitate / empower this effort, Lionsberg should amass a growing list of organizations in the Old Work who require and contract out Meaningful Work, and help Agents in the Game select the most meaningful work available at each given point in Space and Time.

Creating Our Own Largest Client

Over time, Lionsberg / the Meta Game / the Meta Project itself should be co-created into our own largest and most meaningful client.

This will allow all Agents in the Game, as a Community, to entirely self-govern and decide what is most important and why, and then work together towards it.

Just like any contractor or non-profit presents its valuable work out to the world / clients / donors for funding, so too can the Lionsberg Meta Game / Meta Project / Community aggregate up and present out its Value to the world.

As resources flow into the Central Bank, teams that then determine the Wise Right mix of Time Currency and Fiat Currency they would like to receive.

Time Currency More Valuable Than Fiat Currency

Over time, the goal is to experience the Reality of how surpassingly greater the value of Time Currency is than Fiat Currency, and progressively move the mix of exchange in Time Currency from 0% towards 100%, and the exchange in Fiat Currency from 100% towards 0%.

Internal Work More Valuable Than External Work

Similary, over time the goal is to move the amount of time spent on Work outside the System from 100% towards 0%, and the amount of Time spent on the Most Meaningful Work inside the System from 0% towards 100%.

The Lionsberg Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Lionsberg Sovereign Wealth Fund will be responsible for the multi-generational Structuring and Stewardship of Assets in the System.

The total Value stewarded by the Lionsberg Sovereign Wealth Fund, divided by the total number of Agents in the Game, will represent an approximation of the theoretical "wealth" being stewarded by each Agent in the Game over their Lifetime.

However unlike the Old System, in which wealth was hoarded by individuals, in the New System wealth will be represented by rapidly circulating Time Currency that is used to unlock abundance, meet needs, and solve problems for All.

Protecting The Sovereign Wealth Fund

As assets in the Sovereign Wealth Fund grow, it may become a massive target for Actors in the Old World who are still vying for thier own wealth, positions, and power.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund should, therefore, while remaining entirely unified and interoperable, be aggregate in an entirely distributed-yet-coordinated-and-interoperable way.

Lessons from Corporate Structuring and Real Estate Development can be learned from, for instance to hold each individual property in a separate Trust or similar vehicle, that is connected via heart, spirit, and contract to the New System, but in a Way that protects against Local Risks rippling down and compromising the roots / foundation of the System, and likewise protects against System Wide Risks from rippling out and compromising the Local.

Metaphor - A Siphon - FROM the Old, TO the New

As one metaphor, the mechanics of the Game could be described like a siphon between two buckets of Potential. Currently, nearly all potential resides in the dysfunctional bucket of the Old World.

In the future, nearly all potential will reside in the harmonized bucket of the New World.

In between, the Game sets up a siphon that progressively pulls time, energy, and resources out of the Old, and into the New.

The Rate at which time, energy, and resources are transfered FROM the Old TO the New is the rate at which the Critical Path that marks the Way towards the Goal is being consumed.

Co-Creating the New World

Because this Game has the potential to transfer All the energy and resources FROM the Old TO the New, we have a massive mandate and responsibility to very intentionally and carefully Co-Create the New World that we are advancing towards.

In other words, the Core DNA and mechanics of the Meta Game, if it works, will by definition become the Core DNA and Processes of the New World once billions of people are playing the Game.

If All Can't or Don't Want to Play The Game, It Is Still Not Designed Properly

Because the New World by definition belongs to each one of its past, current, and future inhabitants, if every being on earth can't or doesn't want to play the Game, it is still not designed properly.

Continuous Improvement and Tipping Point Strategy

Because we will not be able to get it right at first, and because we need to learn how to play, and because social dynamics follow natural tipping point / user adoption patterns, all we need is to get a play group of us playing the Game, and get A Little Better Every Day so that it attracts and can grow by the Wise Right next 62% expansion.


It only takes 33 to 50 expansion cycles of 62% percent (Fiboacci), depending on loss rates, for each of 8 or 9 billiion people on earth to receive an invitation to the Game.

Assuming a 6 week maturation and expansion cycle, this could be accomplished in 3.5 to 7 years.

Universal Scenario Modeling

In addition the "bottom up" approach of empowering Individuals and Teams to engage in Meaningful Work that locally advances the Critical Path towards Global Goals, the Meta Game should also allow for modeling at the highest / deepest Meta level of abstraction.

This Universal Scenario Modeling capability forms a critical companion element to the System Wide Master Planning Process associated with the Meta Project.

Understanding the different outcomes that various potential paths of action and ways of being might lead to will be critical to determing the Critical Path / Critical Chain that informs what Work is Meaningful.

No later than 2025, the next versions of Artificial Intelligence and Web 3 / 4 / 5 applications should be available, that when coupled with a massive program of Citizen Science executed by Agents in the Game, should enable this Universal Scenario Modeling to be conducted in Realtime based on actual on the ground conditions around the world.

We anticipate that the stewards of bodies of work such as those of Buckminister Fuller and various universities will want to participate in this co-creation.

And we anticipate that it ultimately will be what allows the elected leaders of all nations and institutions to make Wise Right decisions that advance the populations they serve, and All, towards The Goal.

Saving The World

It may be that rigorous Universal Scenario Modeling could be the means through which various Actors around the world could evaluate all the different pathways available to us a Human Species aboard Vessel: Earth, choose the Best And Highest One, and then have a logical Network of Commitments that could be progressively implemented and measured through the Meta Project and Meta Game frameworks to accomplish of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals implied.

Why This Matters / What This Makes Possible If It Succeeds

If it was possible to design a Game that could expand at that rate, it would empower every individual on earth to progressively rise towards their potential by engaging in the most meaningful work they could negotiate, for the benefit of All.

Combined with the in-breaking new superpowers of technology, this could create a level of abundance and standard of living that was better for All than Any has enjoyed in the past.

What Is At Risk If It Fails

If we cannot get the world to agree on a mission and values driven New Game, we are doomed to another cycle of warfare and conflict, this time with every more powerful tools and technology that will make the destruction of the past look elementary.

There is a very real and non-zero probability of a significant collapse of life and society if this, or something like it but better, does not succeed.

It Might Work

So, we don't know, but if we collectively put our hearts and minds towards continuously improving the starting point we already have at hand, it might work.


I am offering up my life, Lionsberg, and the Meta Project / Meta Game concepts as a starting point to the New Game that is trying to emerge.

Let's gather up some people, start playing the Game, and see what happens.

The Intrinsic Value of Meaningful Work and Time Currency

We all know that this only might work, and Time Currency may never have any extrinsic value.

However if it does, it would become the most valuable currency on earth.

Somewhere between gaining nothing extrinsically, and possibly gaining the world, lies the eternal reality spoken through a thousand traditions that we are entitled to our Meaningful Work, and not to the fruits or outcomes which belong to One and All. If we can gather people who are willing to engage in the Most Meaningful Work we can possibly identify together, and help one another do the Work because it the most Wise, Right, and Meaningful thing we can do, we have already earned our reward internally and eternally, even if we can't see it extrinsically through our feeble Spacetime User Interface that is the portal to The Game.

Notes and Concepts for further development


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Continuously Evaluating and Updating the Critical Chain

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