11.15 But What Will We Eat, What Will We Wear, Where Will We Live?

These are the basic needs and problems inherent to all life. One knows these needs before we even ask, and has provided a world of abundance far beyond our needs.

The problem is that we don’t properly orient and order ourselves in harmony with it, in order to experience it properly at every fractal level, from individual, to family, to tribe, to community, to society, to Living System.

The only way that we, our children, and our grandchildren can be truly healthy, nourished, watered, clothed, sheltered, and loved is if we build the kind of society, culture, and Living System that helps all life progress in harmony towards its Goal.

If we seek first The Goal, orient ourselves entirely towards it, and do everything we can to help One and All advance towards it…

Our children and grandchildren and live in a world that is far better, safer, and more flourishing than the one we can create by each scrapping and competing first for our own self-interested and base needs.

It is not the path of enlightened consciousness to allow the primal personalities / drives towards food, water, clothes, shelter, or sex to dominate the mainframe of the total being.

The mainframe of the total being must be continually reoriented towards the Meta Goal of God.

We should have wonderful nourishing food, clean water, beautiful clothing, secure shelter, and fulfilling sex, in a way that does no harm, and actively helps our family, our tribe, our community, our species, and the entire Living System rise towards its Potential and flourish across all domains, all time, and all generations of life.

Only then will we and our successors be truly secure. Rust corrupts. Serotonin fades. Thieves break in and steal. Moths and mice eat holes. Fire destroys.

We are not looking for food, shelter, and wealth. We are looking for the Meta Food, Meta Shelter, and Meta Wealth that flow from the Source when we are properly harmonized, integrated, and synergized in service of One and All.

We obtain Meta Food, Meta Shelter, and Meta Wealth by winning the Meta Game and accomplishing the Meta Goal.

We are not merely trying to meet a need or solve a problem. We are trying to meet the Total Nested Hierarchy of all possible needs, and solve the Total Nested Hierarchy of all possible problems, across all generations of life that face them.

We are not trying to win a game. We are trying to win the Total Nested Hierarchy of all possible games, across all generations of life that play them.

If humanity all waits until they have each secured their own food, shelter, clothing, and wealth before they Help One Another, they will compete, exploit, and oppress One Another and the Living System right into the ground.

The foolishness of the Old Game is obvious. It is the pathway towards suffering and death.

This is the Way towards The Goal. Not any one goal, but the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, in the right Order, unified by the Meta Goal of God.

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