11.16 The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals and Loves

As discussed in the Ordo Amoris, The Way we structure and properly order our Relationships and Goals is inherently, inextricably, and by its very nature the values-based moral decision that every human being must make.

At any given time we have a variety of Sub Personalities moving towards divergent goals and vying for control of the mainframe of our being. These range from the most primal drives towards food, water, and shelter, to romance and sex, to relationships and community, to the higher order goals relating to purpose, meaning, fulfillment, spiritual enlightenment and Right Relationship.

Out of the Infinite Storehouse of Potential Goals, identities, and orientations, we must Consciously Choose the primary Goal and Identity that we orient ourselves towards and manifest into Reality.

This is inherently a matter of discerning, out of the infinite potential of things we could pursue, what potential goals have the highest relative Value / Worth to move towards.

Because we cannot select for only one sub goal, we are forced to construct a properly ordered Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, so that we can have loving relationships, amazing sex and great food while elevating and transforming our lives and our world in service to One and All.

This requires us to integrate a total Personality, properly functioning in pursuit of a properly ordered Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, unified by the Meta Goal.

A fully enlightened, conscious, integrated personality is one that has Properly Ordered itself, harmonized itself, and brought all its constituent parts into right relationship, and then properly harmonized this new Higher Order Functional Unity into Right Relationship and Higher Order Functional Unity with nature, society, and the One from which All things flow.

Likewise, as we move up the Total Nested Hierarchy of Abstraction, a fully enlightened, conscious, integrated Society is one that has properly ordered itself, harmonized itself, and brought all its constituent parts into Right Relationship, and then properly harmonized this new functional unity into right relationship and functional unity with nature and the One from which society and nature flow.

This order of relationships and goals will nearly entirely shape the Way that the universe manifests itself to us, in us, and through us.

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