11.17 Determining Relative Value, Quality, and Worth

This demands that we develop a philosophy, science, and methodology for determining relative Value, Quality, and Worth among competing Ideas and Goals.

How do we know what is Most Good among a set of competing Ideas and Ideals? How do we know what concept or idea is of the highest Quality, and therefore Value?

As we begin to conceive of something being “more good” than something else, or something as “fair” and something else as “not fair”, we begin to appeal to an objective standard of fairness and goodness, against which we are measuring and judging.

What makes some things more wise, right, good, and fair than others?

Of the many different ways to consider this question, for the sake of time we will briefly explore two basic paths:

1.    What has the highest quality and worth is that which most closely conforms to the Ideal.

2.     What has the highest quality and worth is that which most helps us accomplish our Goal.

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