11.18 Conformance to the Ideal

Here we return to the deep idea of Truth. That which has the highest Quality is that which most closely conforms to the Ideal. That which is most True.

What is True is Reality. What is even more True is the Source of Reality, or the Ultimate Reality that is guiding the subsequent generations of Reality over Time.

What is most real? Is it the presently Manifest Reality; That Which Is? Or is it the Best And Highest Reality; That Which Ought To Be and is possible; That Which the Spirit That Generates Reality Is Transforming It Towards?

What is even more True than Reality is the One Who creates and consciously guides the articulation and subsequent transformations of Reality towards its Highest Intention and Goal.

What is even more True than Reality is Ultimate Reality.

One gives rise to Energy and Information. Information brings energy to form in systems. The Living System gives rise to "my" individuated manifest embodiment. The One enlightens "my" consciousness, imbuing the individuated aspect of Its Consciousness with insight into Its Source. "I", an individuated aspect of the One living and thinking "me", then attempts to formulate English words to articulate my Non-Propositional Knowledge of the Divine, and express them in a way that might transmit meaning and knowledge. Those attempts to articulate meaning end up in a book composed of hundreds or thousands of semantic propositions.

Each semantic proposition is analogous to an articulated form of life spoken into existence. Each semantic proposition is like a part of the body of Work I am co-creating. Each semantic proposition is less True than the book, just as an articulated form of life is less True than the Total Nested Hierarchy of all articulated forms of life. The book is less true than the total set of all books written by those who the Source writes through. The written form, the tiny volume the writer of Truth passes on, is far less True than than Consciousness of the one who articulates. And the Consciousness of the one of who articulates is far less True than the Consciousness of the One creating and sustaining the life, form, and consciousness of the articulator, and its ability to articulate.

The goose that lays the golden egg is more valuable than the golden egg. The Creator of Value is more valuable than the Value it creates.

So we, as individuated aspects of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Consciousness arising from One Source, are trying to Realize the Potential within us. We are trying to progressively open ourselves to the Spirit that enlightens and reveals, and teaches and guides us as we move towards Wisdom, Truth, and Destiny, which is the fulfillment of Potential.

And once the Spirit reveals to us the Truth of That Which Is and That Which Is Intended, we are then trying to Progressively Realize that Truth in the second form of the word, by articulating and embodying it so that the higher order Metaphysical in-breaks into the Physical in Embodied form.

And yet the embodied form will always be lower resolution and less True than the Intention of the one articulating it, because the Intention must be Progressively Realized.

This is true for the articulated word embodied in a book. It is true for the articulated word embodied in the one who speaks it. It is true for the articulated word embodied in the totality of the universe.

The entire universe as it manifests itself to us is merely articulated form. It is far less true and far lower resolution than the intention that is trying to express itself through the available medium. In reading this book you will get but the faintest glimpse into what is trying to be expressed, because It is infinitely deeper than words, and the medium of words fails the Spirit. In perceiving the universe you get but the faintest glimpse into what is trying to be expressed. This is due both to the limitations of the medium of expression, and the limitations of our ability to Perceive what is being expressed.

Could one perceive the fullness of That Which Is Trying To Express Itself, they would freeze and die from the sheer awe and overwhelm. No one can look upon the fullness of the articulation without perishing from awe… let alone the fullness and true essence of the One articulating it.

The Spirit and Intention that creates and sustains all generations of life in a flourishing and abundant universe. That is what is most True. That is what has the highest Worth. What has the most value or worth is the Source that creates and sustains the Consciousness that can even begin to consider the notions of Value and Worth.

What is more Valuable than any one individuated aspect is All, and what is more Valuable than All is the One Generative Source.

That which has the most Value and Worth is that which most closely conforms to the the Ideal. At the Highest Level of Abstraction, the Ideal is the Ultimate Reality of the One who gives rise to Reality.

Back to abstracting out the Ideal: If we took 100 diamonds of great worth, compared them, abstracted out from each of them what made the most worthy, and then combined that total set of worthy qualities into one, we would have a conceptual super-diamond.

If we then took 100 conceptual super-diamonds and abstracted out and combined what made each of them most worthy, we would begin to approach perfection, or the the distilled essence of the Meta Diamond. The manifest Ideal.

Yet that is still a Creation. It is still Manifest.

What is far more precious than a Meta Diamond is the wisdom and knowledge of the One from whom not only diamonds but All Reality arises, which Itself arises from nothing.

That is the Ideal to which That Which Is Of Worth conforms itself.

Said simply, Be Perfect, as One is Perfect.

Progressively conform your Self and your world to the One.

That is The Goal. And that which most closely conforms to The Ideal is the manifest object of greatest Worth, and the The Ideal is The Object of greatest worth.

God is the Meta Ideal, that contains the Total Nested Hierarchy of Ideals within Himself.

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