11.32 Success in the Meta Game

Recognizing that the Meta Goal is beyond our ability to conceptualizeā€¦

... and that We Do Not Know the Upper Limit of our Potential...

Success in the Meta Game becomes something like a process, rather than an outcome... it becomes something like the Progressive Realization of the Most Worthy Goal or Ideal.

Success is a matter of Progress towards The Goal, not attainment.

It is a matter of Throughput of The Goal into reality.

Our Meta Game should therefore be designed as a higher order System, that integrates the energy, resources, and ability of all players of the game, into a Higher Order Functional Unity, that produces Throughput of the Meta Goal, FROM Potential INTO Reality.

It becomes about Consciously Selecting, from among all possible Potentials, the Best And Highest One, and bringing it into Reality, while humbly recognizing that it can be known by us - only navigated towards.

Success in the infinite game is defined by meaningful progress towards the most meaningful Goal, which is God.

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