11.31 Who Owns the Product of Synergy

When God creates the heavens and the earth, and humanity in His image...

When then someone is brought into existence by their ancestors, raised by others, cultivated in a community, studies the works of others, uses the infrastructure of others, and then through immense personal effort on top of the lifetimes of efforts and breakthroughs of others, has an Idea

When the idea is then shared with others, elevated and improved, and through collective effort and insight a green shoot comes into Reality

Who owns the product of this synergy?

How should the abundant Value that comes through these perpetual human breakthroughs be stewarded and distributed across all the stakeholders who in myriads of ways made it possible for the thought and reality to come into existence?

The stewardship of Wisdom, ideas, and Knowledge is far more important to the New World than the stewardship of gold, silver, or currency.

A world of such abundance is possible that the streets might proverbially be paved with gold and silver.

An opening activity of the Meta Game is the gathering up of our Collective Inheritance, which is the Wisdom and Knowledge and Ideas of those who have gone before.

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