11.30 When Ideas Procreate

When beings procreate, they give birth to offspring that are unique blends of the beings that gave rise to them.

it is the same when places, ideas, and cultures procreate.

We have hidden the majority of our knowledge and ideas behind walls and kept many things separate in the past. Now is the time to bring them together to release the hidden and unexpected Potential that can only arise through Synergy.

This demands the Co-Creation of a New kind of Commons, which is an environment in which ideas are most likely to be born, develop into the fullness of their potential, and flourish in harmony.

For this reason, we are in the process of creating Intellectual Property Stewardship Trusts, in which we could freely place the ideas and insights that the Creator has given us, and see what kind of value, synergy, and power might be released as a consequence of the cross-pollination and procreation.

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