11.29 Potential Latent in Synergy and Relationships

The great Generalized Principles of science concern relationships, connections, and synergies between the elements and systems of the Meta System that contains and orders them within Itself.

Power, potential, and possibility does not lie in the separation of things, but in the synergy and right relationships between things.

The great truths and principles through which we can unleash the fullness of potential must be discerned metaphysically with our minds and creativity, before they can be experimented with and verified physically.

This entire book, for example, is an attempt to state a hypothesis we have discerned as a result of lifetimes of thought, creativity, and study across every discipline.

What comes next is the designing of every larger experiments and tests to see if the hypothesis of this book is correct.

Is it true that if we properly order our loves, goals, and laws, and help one another discover and achieve our individual and collective potential, all life could flourish in a New Era?

That entire hypothesis is about an exponential and synergistic outcome that would result if we applied these principles as a community towards the highest shared Meta Purpose, Vision and Goal, which are One with God.

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