11.28 What Is Possible?

One reason we might sub-optimize is that we didn’t think it was possible.

A secret: things beyond our wildest imagination are possible, we just don’t know it yet.

Look back at history. Everything was impossible until it happened. And what happened was exceedingly and abundantly beyond what previous generations could have imagined.

Very few can glimpse even the foggiest conception of what we are about to become.

When a few million people huddled in primitive settlements on the east coast of North America formed a federation a few hundred years ago, they could not have possibility imagined the United States of America today, or the ways in which it would impact the world.

They could not have seen the interstates crisscrossing the country, the tunnels boring through the mountains, the great concrete cities, the endless stream of automobiles winding through the country like trails of ants, the vast forests and lands that would be destroyed, the great rivers of money that would flow, the airplanes that would soar from coast to coast in hours, or the internet and video conferencing that would connect them to diplomats in Europe and Africa in seconds.

They did not know these things were possible in the universe. And yet they were.

They did not understand the consequences of various potentials. And yet they were a reality inherently tied to each potential.

We cannot possibly fathom our potential. We cannot possibly fathom the Upper Limit of what is possible.

A new and better world abundantly beyond our wildest imagination today is possible. We just do not know it yet.

We are constrained by, and must liberate our Selves from, the tyranny of what we perceive to be possible. It is a vicious and deceitful ruler.

In the same way we consider it a shame when an individual doesn’t live up to their Potential, we should consider it a shame when we don’t collectively live up to our Potential.

Potential matters. Let’s discover and become the fullness of it in unity with the Spirit from which it flows.

This is the Way towards The Goal.

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