11.33 Why Play The Game?

Psychologists tell us that human beings are severely inhibited from experiencing Positive Emotion unless we can see ourselves making measurable Progress towards a Worthy Goal.

They also tell us that the More Worthy the Goal (measured in Quality and Quantity), the more positive our human experience can be.

As it has been widely observed, beings who have a powerful Why can endure anything and conquer anything.

The more Worthy our Why, the more we can endure, and the more we can conquer.

Our spiritual traditions tell us the same thing. We are to come into Right Relationship with the One, and become living Conduits through which the Highest Spirit and Intention in-breaks into our lives and our world, displaces the Darkness, and becomes our Reality. We move from death and darkness, towards light and life. From the Old, towards the New.

Our biology tells us the same thing: If we do not take care of our bodies and our planet, cease harming them, and help them continually heal and regenerate and elevate towards their Potential, they will decay towards Suffering.

Spiritually, psychologically, and physically, in far more inter-existent ways than we can imagine, all things are in motion and Spiraling Up towards Light and Life, or Spiraling Down towards Death and destruction. Patterns of Life, and Patterns of Death, playing out across the Creative Field according to the will, intentions, thoughts, words, and actions of the players of The Game.

Because our systems, arteries, and veins are all connected, it is suicidal not to Play The Game and apply the Patterns of Life. It is literally suicidal to break the Meta Rule of the Meta Game.

The strange thing about the Meta Game is that we are a part of it, whether we realize it or not. We are either awake in it, as Conscious Agents, or we are asleep in it, as Non Player Characters subconsciously stumbling along towards our demise.

Recognizing this, we do not have a choice to “not play” the Meta Game.

We are here. We are conscious. We are alive. And like it or not, with every word you read and every breath you take you are Spiraling Up or Spiraling Down, and dragging all life along with you.

We are beings in motion. Moving ourselves and all life FROM where we are, TO where we are all going. Up or down. Towards Life or Death.

The laws of the universe conspire to make it such that we simply do not have the option of remaining Where We Are.

It seems self-evident therefore, recognizing that we are beings in motion, inextricably moving towards either more or less Suffering, that we ought to Consciously Choose to move towards less fear, suffering and Darkness, and more Love, Light and [Life].

This seems self-evident, but we should not take it lightly, for we have constructed lives and society that are viciously accelerating us along the wrong trajectory towards sickness, suffering, and death.

We should play the Meta Game because it is the key to joy, light, and life...

...and because it is suicide not to.

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