11.34 The Circle of Life

So being in motion…

We are going to choose to apply the transformational Patterns of Life rather than the Patterns of Death

Such that we and All life spiral upward, away from Suffering and towards the fullness of our Potential.

As we ponder the movement away from suffering and towards flourishing and abundant life, on behalf of who are we playing? In the name of who are we playing?

Who do we include in the Circle of Life that is spiraling upwards towards The Goal of our Highest Potential?

It seems that we should want for ourselves to have less suffering. Probably also our immediate family. Probably also our pets. Probably also our extended family. Probably also our tribe. Probably also the wounded one suffering along the Way we are traveling. We probably don’t want our nation spiraling downward towards suffering and death, so we ought to include our nation in the Circle of Life spiraling upward towards the Goal.

And if we are not going intentionally suboptimize, we might as well recognize that if our nation is the only nation that is moving towards light and life, while the nations around us spiral down towards suffering, no amount of walls, weapons, or defense could possibly protect us. There is no logical way that a few tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people could live at their peak potential in the midst of billions who are suffering. Gates and walls are no match for the werewolves of hell.

Someone who is content to create a physical version of heaven behind their walls, while the sick and the poor suffer and beg outside their gates, is already in a form of metaphysical hell, and their downfall is already at the gates.

As we move metaphysically towards light and life, we ought to bring our physical bodies along with us. No matter how enlightened we become, physical suffering will constantly being pulling us down from the Ideal towards which we are attempting to rise.

We probably also ought to care for the bodies of our loved ones. This means we need to care about the health and life of the water we drink. The soil we plant in. The food we consume. And the microbiome that is alive around and within us.

This care of the physical would need to extend to all the people in the Circle of Life, which means that it would need to extend to all the waters of the Living System, all the land of the Living System, all the microbiome of the Living System, and all the Life of the Living System.

If we wanted to help All things spiral upward towards the Goal…

We would need to recognize that there is only One Living System, and that it is entirely inter-connected and inter-existent…

... flowing from One Source and Sustainer...

...and therefore what we do to any element of the Living System, we do to ourselves and to all others…

The prophets have been trying to communicate this simple message to us for thousands of years.

It is time we listen and recognize that like it or not, we are All individuated parts of One body, and therefore we must become one.

This is the Meta Movement of All things towards Unity through Love.

It starts so much deeper than the grassroots. We must lift up the entire world, starting with the energy of the Creative Field, to the health, wellbeing, and development of the invisible world of microbes, into higher order cells, tissues, plants, and organs, into organ systems and organisms, ecosystems and super organisms… all Helping One Another rise and advance towards The Goal.

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