11.35 The Proper Way of Being and Moving

So we have a Physical Science, and a Metaphysical Science, encompassed within a Meta Science that informs us how we ought to BE and conduct ourselves in light of all that IS. The Science of Duty.

What it is we are to Do and how we are to Be in Light of All we have come to know.

We have a Meta Game, whose Meta Goal is the Ideal of God.

We have a notion that Success in the Meta Game is a matter of Progress not perfection, and that Progress is marked by the movement of all life from whatever current suffering, corruption, or injustice is plaguing us, towards the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of the Living System and All its inhabitants in harmony with One Another and God.

Success is the Progressive Realization of The Goal.

We know that in the Meta Game we and all things are in motion, Spiraling Up or Spiraling Down with every breath, heartbeat, and thought. We know this spiral is dictated by discernible Patterns of Life and Patterns of Death, which constitute the The Pattern Language of Heaven and The Pattern Language of Hell.

We know approximately Where We Are... our immediate starting point in the Creative Field.

And although we can only see distant shadows of what is possible… we know approximately where Where We Are Going and Why. We have selected our Aim.

And we know that our Destiny is superior in every way to the Old World we are leaving behind.

And we know that this Meta Goal that we orient ourselves towards must be achieved in a Way that also properly integrates and achieves the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

So the next task is to determine the proper Way of being and moving...

FROM: Where We Are

TO: Where We Are Going

This is The Spirit of The Game.

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